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There is no rule that says cruise vacations are only for the young, as everyone desires to get that time away from the norm and experience something different and adventurous. There are tons of cruise lines for elderly travelers available to choose from, but not everyone is set up the same.

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As such, there are some that cater more to a younger generation based on their features and amenities, while others design their ships to the comfort of every traveler, especially the elderly.

Knowing now that elderly travelers want a piece of the action, which cruise lines do you believe is best for these cruisers? Having weighed all the options to easily accommodate senior travelers, here are some great cruise line picks from our side.

Holland America

Holland America is an all-time favorite for senior cruisers who are seeking that exclusive and classy type of voyage. The cruise line is known to feature things in a simple yet fun way, from its live music and entertainment sessions to its fine dining experience. Having all that overly-excessive setup is not necessarily their style…well, at least not on all their ships.

Holland also has a trademark for focusing on traditions like their bell signal to notify dinner is ready to be served or soup servings to those out on the deck getting a glimpse of the beautiful glaciers in the distance. These small features mean a lot to aged travelers. In addition, seniors have a passion for the cruise line’s annual world cruises and longer voyages.

There are also onboard educational programs that the seniors wouldn’t mind engaging in, so that, too, is a plus. Do you always have a dream of traveling to Alaska? Well, Holland is your best bet to get you there…not only to sail on the sea but also for shore excursions. While the experience onboard is more on the leisurely side…it is definitely not boring.

Senior food lovers are also in for an amazing experience, as their taste buds will definitely not go short on great taste and flavors. Whether you are traveling with company or you are alone…they will give you the cherished moments you need. In essence, well-traveled cruisers will choose Holland above many other cruise lines with ease.

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Viking Cruises

Vikings have worked their way to becoming a favorite among senior cruisers due to their steady commitment to destination immersion, amazing cabins, affordability, and great dining experience. For the adventurous senior traveler who needs to always be on the go to experience something new…Vikings are the ultimate choice.

Just imagine Vikings give you the opportunity to explore a new port almost every day, and not only do you get to dine at a local restaurant, but you can also engage in any cultural activities of the selected location. Practically all ships are designed in a similar format, so frequent travelers have no major surprise to encounter no matter the ship they travel on.

They all have spacious cabins with features and amenities that are easy for the elderly to work around with ease. In addition, you don’t have to worry about any additional costs as their all-inclusive packages mean what they say.

Vikings go in-depth when it comes to educational programs both onboard and while on your shore excursion, so this, too, is an advantage for attracting senior travelers. Whether it covers history or a few cooking lessons onboard…we are sure these cruisers will have a blast.

Have a b bucket list you are working on completing? You can rest assured this cruise line helps travelers get all the experience they need to achieve.

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Crystal Cruises

Crystal Cruises takes on everything a senior traveler would be looking for on their voyage…luxury, pampering service, and loads of entertainment and activities that they can engage in with ease. Crystal’s ships are adequately sized enough to give everyone their own space and freedom to move around.

The dining experience is superb, and the activities onboard are really engaging and themed for every age. The nightlife is not, per se, “out of control” but is filled with activities like Broadway-inspired shows in the ship’s theater, a comedy show in a smaller lounge, a movie night, or live music in their bar and pub while you sip on a little wine or juice.

During the day, try out their spa that will leave you well-refreshed and relaxed as you free your mind from everything you left back at home. To add to the fun that Crystal provides, they have launched an initiative to indulge cruisers in river tours, yacht rides, and expedition cruising. After all, seniors have been traveling for years, so something new and unique will always be welcomed.

Some of these off-ship excursions tour private and exotic locations like the Greek Isles and Seychelles or even adventure to the poles. For such a full package…the cost is more than worth it too.

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Princess Cruises

Leave it to Princess Cruises to make you feel like the king and queen you are in your golden age as they take you on an excursion like no other. For those seniors who are looking to travel out with their children or even grandchildren but need something different from the usual, like, say…a plane ride…going for a cruise would be a great option to go for.

Princess Cruises takes into consideration the experience you are looking for, and they will not fail to provide this and more to help you create that memorable moment. Senior-themed cabins are spacious and luxurious, with opportunities to enjoy some amazing VIP experiences.

Furthermore, lots of the cabins come with a balcony that allows you to enjoy a little sun when you feel like it or watch over the waters while sailing under the stars.

Aside from these features, there are many other activities to engage in while onboard such as some in-depth educational sessions, cooking classes, or trying your luck at some casino games. Their dining experience is superb, as well as the other amenities the cruise lines offer, such as its pools, bubble baths, and spas.

Wanna renew the love with your lifelong partner? Princess Cruises, the considered love boat, is one of the perfect cruise lines for elderly travelers to get those vows renewed!

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Cunard’s ships are designed to provide seniors with an experience like no other, including leisurely days at sea or engaging in some culture-themed activities onshore. The cruise line has loads of activities that they will love, such as educational lectures, films, versatile libraries, cooking sessions, and so much more.

Their dining experience is out of this world, including their traditional tea time in the Queens Room or their fish and chips in the Golden Lion Pub. Seniors can look forward to a formal style onboard, so the classy type of senior will have the opportunity to showcase their best fashion sense.

Just imagine the beauty of having senior females all decked out in their cocktail dresses for an evening event…cute, right? Every feature and amenity onboard caters to senior travelers, so they won’t have any difficulty getting around and enjoying their vacation at sea.

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