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There are unlimited adventures to explore throughout the Mediterranean region, whether you are looking to roll through the streets of Barcelona or behold the beauty that lies throughout Istanbul. But what better way to explore these wonders than the best cruise lines for the Mediterranean?

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Loads of cruise ships traverse the Mediterranean region daily and feature some of the best amenities to complement your journey. In addition to the many cruises that go to this region year-round, you are bound to find some amazing deals for your vacation, alone or with friends and family.

Each cruise line offers a myriad of packages you can choose from to satisfy whatever needs you want from your travel experience. Based on research and different methodologies used to collect information, the following cruises have been identified among the best to get the most out of the Mediterranean region.

Viking Ocean Cruises

Viking Ocean Cruises entered the cruise market back in 2015, and since then, it has been providing travelers with exclusive travel experiences like no other. They have diverse and intriguing destination-focused itineraries that will enable you to explore the most in a short period of time. Interestingly, Viking has a deep connection with travelers eager to discover the historical and cultural aspects of each destination they visit.

Best Cruise Lines For Mediterranean Viking Cruises

All ships in this line feature a 930-passenger accommodation, offering free Wi-Fi, amazing perks to make your journey more worthwhile, and cabins that feature a veranda. The sizes in this line are flexible, so you can explore both small and large sites in the Mediterranean region.

The itineraries usually last anywhere from eight to over 115 days and cover attractions and historical sites in Europe, Australia, Asia, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean.

However, some onshore experiences, dining options, and a few onboard amenities might be limited due to the Coronavirus, but you can confirm with customer service for each cruise ship.

Some of the advantages of this cruise line include:

  • Complimentary excursion at each port of call
  • Wi-Fi access on all boards
  • Every cabin has a veranda 

However, some of the drawbacks to this cruise line include the:

  • High prices throughout the year
  • There is no children’s programming on nine of the ships

Overall, the cruise line has been ranked among the top cruise lines for the Mediterranean in the industry after being voted at the top of the table for best luxury cruise lines, best cruise line in the Mediterranean, and best cruise lines for couples. You are in for a memorable experience when you book a package with any ship from Viking Ocean Cruises.

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Seabourn Cruises

Seabourn Cruise has always worked its way into becoming one of the most exclusive ways for sea lovers to explore the world’s beauty. Their ships can comfortably hold anywhere from 458 to 600 passengers, complemented with some of the most amazing features and amenities. They offer each guest luxurious amenities both within their suite and outside.

There are also endless activities to engage in while on board, so you cannot become bored. You can get itineraries lasting from seven to 65 days, and no matter the itinerary you choose, you will get to experience the best of sea life.

All cabins feature sea views; if you are working out in the gym, you can still get a good taste of what nature and wildlife offer. In addition to the views and services, they also each travel with:

  • A spa and salon
  • Casinos
  • Pools
  • Live music venues
  • Nine-hole putting courses
  • Drink and dining that are included in the booking cost

But, with all of these amenities, you may want to know the fares are not the cheapest, there are no activities for children to engage in, and a strict dress code is enforced.

Seabourn Cruises has been voted numerous times among the best cruise lines in categories such as:

  • Best cruise line for couples
  • Best luxury cruise line
  • Best cruise lines in the Caribbean 
  • Best cruise line in the Mediterranean
Best Cruise Lines for Mediterranean Seabourn Spa

Regent Seven Seas Cruise Line

Experts and travelers alike have all voted that Regent Seven Seas Cruise Lines have a way of providing travelers with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. All ships in the line offer all-suite accommodations, and the crew-to-passenger ratio is often one to one or one to two.

Plus, their staff is super friendly and makes your experience worthwhile. You can be on board a Regent ship anywhere from seven to 120 nights. The journey includes stops at a myriad of ports and lots of onshore activities.

But, without you leaving the ship, there are loads of activities to keep you fully entertained. Whether you are in for some night entertainment, hitting the gym or spa, or you want to explore some cultural setting, Regent Seven Seas Cruise Line has everything to satisfy your quest for adventure.

Some of the advantages of sailing the seas with Regent include:

  • An all-inclusive experience with dining, drinks, and shore excursions
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Round-trip airfare and ground transfers are all included in the fare.

However, you may need to know that the fares aren’t on the cheaper side, there are limited children’s activities onboard, and some onboard activities may come at an extra cost, such as some of the spa services.

Regent Seven Seas has some great ratings among other cruise lines, such as:

  • Best cruise lines for couples
  • Best cruise lines in the Caribbean
  • Best cruise lines in the Mediterranean
  • Best luxury cruise lines

The moment you step onboard a Regent cruise, you will see all age groups waiting to create a memorable experience. However, children may not necessarily be in sight unless you book an itinerary during the summer. But there is so much stuff for you to enjoy, and we can guarantee you won’t regret booking a sail on the seas.

Celebrity Cruise

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises are highly rated among the best cruise lines by lots of travelers around the world. Their fleet departs to lots of destinations around the world, with some hosting only 48 passengers while others hold up to 2,918 passengers.

But it doesn’t matter the ship you choose from the fleet, you are in for an extraordinary experience. Their cruises have varying itineraries, so there’s a lot for you to enjoy, no matter the number of nights you spend at sea. There are loads of activities to enjoy onboard, from wine workshops to spa treatments, great dining, and activities for kids and teens.

But, you have a few drawbacks on this cruise, such as having to pay more for shore excursions as these are not included in the fares and limited activities for adults to engage in.

The cruise line has been voted among the best in categories like:

  • Best cruise line for the money
  • Best cruise line for couples
  • Best cruise line in the Mediterranean
  • Best cruise line in the Caribbean
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