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Going on a cruise means you are out to enjoy yourself and have the time of your life with friends and family. You are free to engage in all the activities you desire…especially if you are working with a bucket list that you need to complete. When it comes to holiday fun, waterparks are always a part of the deal, and with the need to engage in this form of joy, various companies provide travelers with the experience of the best cruise lines with waterslides like no one else can deliver.

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Furthermore, no one is too “old” to get the most out of the water world and the various attractions that come with these slides. Just imagine the thrill and blood rush of launching down some twisted water tunnel, going up, around, and across and then landing in a pool of water. What could even be better than this feeling?

But, with so many cruise lines joining the trend of adding water slides to their fleet of ships, which one offers the most exciting slides?

We have gone through quite a few and have come up with some great choices for you…mind you, they are even a part of your favorite cruise line, too, just in case you might not have known. Here are some of the cruise lines to book with that have the best waterslides.

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean couldn’t be missed from this list, seeing it is one of the most action-packed cruise lines on the market. Many of their ships feature cool waterslides, with Harmony of the Seas being an all-time favorite ship for water park lovers. Younger guests love the thrill of splashing around at Splashaway Bay, but when you are looking for more than that, here are some of the slides you should not miss out on:

  • Typhoon and Cyclone – These are twin slides that you can go on with a friend and do a little competition to find out who can reach the bottom first. The experience on these slides will provide you with loads of excitement and thrill, especially after peeking through the stretches of the see-through tunnel that will give you an idea of how high in the air you are.
  • Supercell – If you want to experience a series of twists, dunking, turns, and everything to get your blood rushing, this slide will provide you with that and much more. This slide contains lots of loops, and really only those who can handle the height of adventure and thrill should step up to it.

Other Royal Caribbean ships with waterslides include the Adventure of the Seas, Wonder of the Seas, Liberty of the Seas, and Symphony of the Seas.  


MSC is another great choice for those looking for the thrill of water slides that will provide loads of fun and adventure, especially for water lovers. MSC’s Seaview ship has one of the best slides in the line, the Forest Aquaventure Park…it has slides for every age, from the smaller water lovers to those who are rather young at heart than in age.

There are numerous slides to choose from in this onboard water park that will never leave you disappointed. In addition, you need to try:

  • Racing Slides – This is as the name suggests…you will be launched down at a great speed as you race against your friends and family in other slides. Furthermore, the clear tunnel runs on the outer end of the ship, which allows you to get a great view of the ocean while you slide down.
  • Slideboard – This is an interactive slide and perfect for those looking for something unique that is different from the usual water slide setup. It comes in a game form that allows you to hit some side buttons along the tunnel, so it lights up, you gather points, and then you win some cool prizes at the end based on your score.

Other MSC ships with waterslides include: MSC Seaside, MSC Preziosa, and MSC World Europa.

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Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line is another great place to book if you are looking for the excitement of some great waterslides. The line’s ship, Norwegian Bliss, has a slide for young kids and older children, and adults who are looking for something to get their blood rushing with excitement. Here are two slides you have to try the next time you book a cruise on this ship:

  • Ocean Loops – This slide gets its name for a reason, as it comes with two loops that go over the ocean, a clear tunnel that gives you a view of everything below, and an experience that will make your heart thump a little harder.
  • Tube Slide – Get your inflatable ring in place and sail your way down this fast-paced waterslide. The thrilling part of this is that the slides have changeable lights, and you never know when it will come to an end, so you are in for a scary yet blood-rushing experience.

Other Norwegian Cruise Lines ships with waterslides include: Norwegian Breakaway, Norwegian Epic, and Norwegian Encore.

Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruises is a trademark name for itself…I mean…who doesn’t know Disney? The cruise line uses its ships to create an experience like no other for its guests, and its waterslides are a part of that package. The cruise line’s ship, Disney Dream, has some of the best waterslide offerings to get your heart pumping out of excitement. Onboard Disney Dream, ensure you check out:

  • Mickey’s Pool Slide – This slide, designed for kids ages 4 to 14, has slides that twist and turn from the top to the exit point.
  • AquaDuck – This is more of a water coaster experience compared to a waterslide, as you will make your way down from four decks up. Riding on an inflatable raft, prepare to go through some loops and swoops with both covered and uncovered tunnels so you get as much thrill as there is to get. Just imagine…going down 800 feet of slides.

Other Disney Cruises ships with waterslides include: Disney Fantasy and Disney Wish.  

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Carnival Cruises

Carnival WaterWorks Carnival Vista ship has everything you are looking for when it comes to waterslides atop the seas. Mini Racer slides for the younger ones will allow them to test their speed skills against their friends as they roll down the slides. However, the bigger slides have a nerve-racking experience you may dread but still wanna try.  For sure, you have to try out the:

  • Kaleid-o-slide – This is one of the largest water slides in the cruise line’s fleet, and the extent of adventure is definitely one you cannot miss out on. The lights, music, and special effects that go off as you slide down are an added bonus to making you want to ride again.
  • Twister – Here, we have a slide that will provide you with speed, adrenaline rush, and everything to get your heart pumping out of your chest! With hundreds of feet from the top, you are in for a thrilling experience with endless twists and turns on your way down.

Other Carnival Cruise Lines ships with waterslides include: Carnival Breeze, Carnival Panorama, and Carnival Fascination.

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