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Are you a huge fan of dancing and find yourself rocking to a beat no matter where you are? If you are planning a cruise vacation and dance needs to be a part of the show, then you need to find the best cruise for dance loversthat will cater to all your desires. Lots of cruise lines offer loads of entertainment, while some cruise lines specifically cater to dance sessions.

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Depending on the type of dance experience you are looking for, there is something that awaits you as you sail the seas…especially at night under the stars. Are you looking for a ballroom setting, a Latin dance session, a disco floor, or a club setting? There are some cruise lines that offer not only the opportunity to get busy but also classes to help you learn a few additional steps to what you already know.

Cruise Lines For Dance Lovers and Getting Your Dance Groove On

There are so many cruises that offer you the opportunity to dance and get your groove on, but it is best to choose the right option for you. After all, you also need to consider the other activities you need to engage in on your vacation and ensure the cruise line offers these as well. Here are some of the best cruise lines for dance lovers to dance up a storm…

Norwegian Cruise Line – Norwegian Breakaway

Norwegian Breakaway is said to be one of the best cruise lines that offer a wide array of dance options. You can engage in the ship’s Dance Club, which features live DJs as well as professional dancers who are ready and waiting to give you some much-needed lessons. The nightclub vibe is perfect for those who never want to miss a beat even though they are away from home.

No matter the type of dancer you are, there is an opportunity to get you moving without considering the level of your dancing skills. There is a place for everyone on this ship, and while it’s good to know a few dance moves so you can keep up with the others, you can join in their lessons so the next time, you won’t feel so out of place.

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Cunard Cruise Line – The Queen Mary

When it comes to dancing up a storm to live music or beats from the music boxes, Cunard’s Queen Mary ship never disappoints. The boat features up to seven bands that perform every night, so you are up for a festive vacation. They cover a variety of music genres, including jazz, dance hall, and rock-n-roll, so you are definitely in to learn a few new and cool moves before going back home.

Wanna learn a little salsa while you’re at it? No worries! There are multiple Latin and Ballroom dance lessons being taught onboard, and you can sign up for whichever you desire. You can also explore their numerous entertainment options, including The Brit isles and Moulin Rouge. Furthermore, there is a lot more you can expect to experience on your vacation…an experience like no other.

Best Cruise Line for Dance Lovers nightclub

Disney Cruise Line – Disney Dream

We all know how fun Disney can be, and they never fail to live this out while sailing across the ocean. Interestingly, lots of cruises tend to leave the dance sessions until night, but there is no rule that says it has to be so, and Disney Dream has opened the way for their passengers to enjoy dance no matter the time of day.

The ship has a Broadway-style show called “Fantasmic,” which is a session that features live music so you can get your feet busy with your favorite tunes. If you are not sure how to get your groove on, you can register for a few of their dance classes, and before your cruise ends, you will definitely have a few moves up your sleeve.

The ship also hosts night-time party sessions with star-studded performances, including Dancing With The Stars Live and Blue Man Group. Whether you are a beginner or a professional dancer, the Disney Cruise Line ships have the vibes to get you moving with their numerous onboard concerts.

Blue Man Group

Carnival Cruises Lines – Carnival Splendor

No matter what level you are as a dancer, Carnival Cruises has the perfect setting for you to get your feet tapping and your body rocking to some amazing beats. Onboard the ship, you can always engage in some dance classes in case you don’t know how to get your feet jamming to the beat. Ever heard about The Jabbawockeez Crews…well you are in for a cool dance session as the hip-hop beats hit the dance floor.

However, if you are looking for more than some lessons and an actual moment to showcase your talent, Carnival’s Carnival Splendor is the place to be. The ship features a complete state-of-the-art sound system that will have you “losing yourself” in a good way! There is also a Las Vegas-style casino that will give you more than enough opportunity to get your vibes muscles rocking until you feel you can’t go any further.

Best Cruise Line for Dance Lovers

Royal Caribbean International – Radiance of the Seas

If you are looking for a place to enjoy some famous performers and dancers, the Radiance of the Seas is the place to be. They feature stars like Amazing Johnathan, a popular magician who is also a great dancer.

The boat has a “Salsa Club” where you can go to enjoy some great Latin music and lessons…why not go over and get your feet tapping to some good music and learn something new to take to the dance floor later in the night?

You can also get busy with everyone else with activities such as The Hokey Pokey that will see everyone getting excited to try out. If dancing is not the only body-rocking activity you want to engage in, there is other stuff to have your legs shaking onboard Radiance of the Seas.

Furthermore, they are considered one of the biggest ballroom dancing ships in North America…so you see, they have a dance setting for every type of dancer.

Your love and passion for dance do not have to go on a break while you are on a break from the everyday hustle and bustle of life. Take the fun with you onboard your favorite cruise line so all the dance lovers create that amazing memory with friends and family.

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