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Well, the experience lots of young people garner on their cruise is pretty much the same for seniors, just that it has a special feel to it for the older “young people at heart.” Seniors are really looking for that experience that will help them to explore, engage in sophisticated dining, fulfill their bucket list, and get a cultural feel of the world around them. So, like the younger folks, seniors, too, want some great deals and the best cruise lines for 55 and older that will satisfy their quest for adventure.

Best Cruise Lines for 55 and Older Cover

When selecting the best cruise lines for 55 and older, there are a few factors that have to be considered. These include facilities to accommodate ease of mobility for travelers, lodging areas, and everything else that will make the journey comfortable for them. But, while they may easily accommodate seniors, they still have the necessities in place to facilitate all age travelers. Here are a few of the best cruises that seniors will love.

Viking Cruises

Viking Cruises does not limit its cruise options as they offer ocean, river, and expedition sailings. The cruise line tends to attract a lot of travelers over 50 years who have a deep passion for art, history, local culture, interesting cuisine, and science. All ships in this line are truly adult-only, making it ideal for travelers looking for limited child-friendly settings aboard.

Prices are all-inclusive and cover meals, drinks, internet, port charges, lectures, a shore excursion at each port, and other activities you engage in while on your journey.

Why Viking Is Great For Senior Travelers

Viking Cruises pride itself in education both onboard and off, as they have lots of educational programs you can engage in. Pretty much everyone has a bucket list, and the river cruises offered by Viking have an exciting experience that awaits you. The package for their trips comes with full-access accommodations and transfers.

Are you a foodie and love everything about cooking new or old dishes? Well, Viking Cruises offers cooking classes at The Kitchen Table onboard. Overall, the entertainment onboard focuses more on cultural enrichment, as there are no casinos or similar games.

Viking Cruises pride in choosing locations that create a buzz, such as Alaska, Iceland, and the Mediterranean. Comfort for seniors is the name of the game once you book a tour with Viking Cruises. 

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Holland America Line (HAL)

Holland America Cruise has always been a beloved cruise line for seniors as their travel destinations and forms of onboard entertainment are superb. While the cruise line does attract all age travelers, it works well for elders as it is easy to get around. The amenities and features onboard are highly accommodating for seniors, and not to mention their bucket-list destinations are a plus including:

  • Australia
  • Africa
  • Panama Canal 
  • South Pacific regions

Why Seniors Love Traveling With HAL

For well-traveled individuals, Holland America Cruise is one of the most treasured cruise lines for them. It provides comprehensive information about each destination the ship docks, and travelers get to learn about the country’s customs and cultures. The dining adventure onboard gives a lot of experience to travelers as the cruise line has partnered with America’s Test Kitchen to help guests create amazing and unique dishes.

The cruise line is also known for its disability-friendly accessibility, which shows they cater to all travelers. You can speak with their Access and Compliance Department ahead of time to arrange wheelchair access, scooters, or other support tools for the disabled. They may also allow you to bring your own wheelchairs along with you.

Best Cruise Lines for 55 and Older destinations

Silversea Cruises

Silversea Cruises are yet another senior-friendly cruise line that is all-inclusive and caters to the adventure needs of all travelers. The cruise line has ships that offer both expedition and ocean cruises and opens its doors to mature travelers looking for personalized service.

Silversea Cruises has traveled to more than 900 destinations across all continents, creating a memorable experience for all. The one price includes the cost of accommodation, drinks, food, gratuities, and onboard lectures.

Why Should A Senior Travel With Silversea Cruises?

Silversea Cruises creates that amazing experience like no other as they provide a dedicated butler that will help you with everything such as unpacking your luggage, making your dinner, and even restocking your fridge with juice whenever it runs low. The cruise line allows seniors the opportunity to go hiking, do zodiac tours with the onboard team, and do kayaking.

These activities are available in numerous locations, such as the South Pacific, Iceland, Greenland, and South America. Seniors will love the themed dining options as they serve some of the best foods you can ever taste. All, except one of the ships, offer wheelchair and scooter access and they also offer bonuses for widows, widowers, and those traveling alone.

American Queen Voyages

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

All ships in the Regent Seven Seas Cruise line have traveled to more than 450 destinations all across the globe and have even provided some amazing experiences. The price includes full accommodations, all beverages, meals, gratuities, and most of the shore excursions. Lots of travelers aboard these lines are usually over 55 years even though the cruise line caters to all age groups.

Why Is Regent Seven Seas Great For Seniors?

For seniors who are looking for an exclusive and luxurious experience, Regent Seven Seas is a great cruise line for elders. The all-inclusive setting creates a pampering experience, as there are personalized services to satisfy the needs of all travelers. The ships in the line are all amazing as their interior design is a sight to behold. Their unique finishes and high-end artwork make the ships one of the most elegant sea travel options.

Their food is great, with a wide option to choose from with Sunday brunches that include Champagne and caviar. You can have your meals delivered to your suite if you don’t feel like going to the dining area even though dinner is a more “country-club casual style” than it is formal.

American Queen Voyages

American Queen Voyages include four ships that is nothing less than charming, with a touch of Victorian class and itineraries that are history-heavy. The booking price includes a pre-night cruise at a hotel, transportation to the ship, food and drink, unlimited Wi-Fi, and the line’s available hop-on and hop-off bus services in ports.

The cruise line takes travelers to numerous destinations including Canada, the Coastal waters of the U.S., the Great Lakes, and the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.

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Why Should Seniors Travel Aboard American Queen Voyages? 

Lots of cruises can be really hectic, but American Queen Voyages offer that soothing and relaxing river cruise on the waters of the United States. The cruise allows travelers to explore at their own pace as they get a taste of rich history, including battlefields, natural wonders of the location, and museums.

Seniors can enjoy lecture sessions while onboard, especially as they sail along the Mississippi River or Lweis and Clark. The dining menu is diverse so your tastebuds never get bored. Not to mention their nightly entertainment sessions, you will love them.

Just as how the young can get a chance to enjoy their cruise, it is the same with seniors and who to tell if their journey won’t be more memorable. There is no limit to the cruise benefits seniors can enjoy while aboard the most amazing and best cruise lines for 55 and older.

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