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Going on a cruise is not the same without family, so numerous cruise lines have made it possible for families to get a great package onboard. After all, you want to create that lasting memory with your loved ones, so sailing the seas in style is a must. Each cruise line has a different package, and you have the option to choose which best suits your travel needs. However, after checking out a few of the best cruise lines for big families, we have decided to recommend the following lines.

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Disney Cruises

Disney Cruise Line has a number of ships to choose from, such as Disney Wonder, Disney Fantasy, Disney Dream, Disney Magic, and their newest addition, the Disney Wish. One of the standouts for Disney is its warm and serene setting and kid-friendly zones.

Their amenities are amazing and out of this world, and their staterooms are pretty much incomparable to any other. Not only is this cruise line great for kids, but also for adults who are looking to reconnect with some great childhood memories.

They have itineraries lasting from 2 to 14 nights and are packed with activities to satisfy the adventure needs of every member of the family. They have shore excursions that allow you to explore different destination stops, such as submarine expeditions in Cozumel, Mexico, or you may even get the opportunity to visit Disney’s private island in the Bahamas, Castaway Cay.

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Traveling With Disney Cruises

There are numerous amenities onboard to keep you entertained for your entire trip. They have themed pools, Disney-themed dining rooms, youth clubs and shops, entertainment zones inspired by Disney, live shows, concerts, and meet-and-greet sessions with Disney characters.

Meals and non-alcoholic beverages are covered in the cruise fare as well as they have other activities onboard that are covered in the package cost. However, if you desire to have a few alcoholic drinks, you may have to make additional payments, typically for many shore excursions. Also, the overall package cost might be a little higher than some of the other cruises you are used to traveling on, but it is all worth it.

Interestingly, this is one of the best cruise lines for big families, especially children because their kids’ club is packed with everything to keep your child or children fully entertained all day. Whether they are the type who loves to read or they want to get their hands busy, there are different zones for each type of activity lover.

Overall, Disney Cruises is geared towards engaging a multi-generational group of cruisers as they have everything in place to create the perfect family memory.

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Carnival Cruises

The word “carnival” is more than enough to tell you that this cruise line has just about everything you need to satisfy your quest for a great vacation. They are known to keep their tradition and reputation going by providing a festive environment onboard with everything needed to provide entertainment and comfort to all travelers.

Carnival Cruises depart from numerous cities, such as Los Angeles, Seattle, and Miami, and are among the best cruise lines to book for your family vacation. They have a large fleet, so you have a wide array of ships to choose from to cover your voyage that goes anywhere from two to 16 days (itineraries and days vary by ship selection).

Interestingly, you can safely say they have a “personal service” as their staff ratio is about one crew member to every three passengers.

Best Cruise Lines for Big Families waterslide on ship

Traveling With Carnival Cruises

There are plenty of activities onboard to keep you entertained for your entire trip, so you don’t have to worry about ever getting bored. They have loads of activities that range from water slides to casinos, sports courts, comedy centers, piano bars, nightclubs, and other areas geared toward keeping the young entertained.

There are multiple dining experiences to choose from as they boast a versatile cuisine, whether served in a “fine dining” style or you prefer to go buffet style from their numerous restaurants.

Some of the good things about traveling with Carnival Cruises are that…

  • There are multiple ships and itineraries to choose from
  • They are spacious, and lots of activities to engage in

As for the drawbacks, a few you may encounter include…

  • Additional cost for Wi-Fi access and shore excursions
  • Larger ships are a bit overcrowded

If you are looking for an affordable cruise for you and your family, then Carnival Cruises might be one of the best bets. You are able to let your hair down and have as much fun as you desire without feeling limited on your own vacation.

The kids and young people’s zone will have your child up early and having fun with safe supervision from their trained staff. There are no regrets with booking your package on Carnival Cruises so don’t miss your chance to create that amazing memory.

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Royal Caribbean Cruises

Get treated like royalty onboard Royal Caribbean Cruises as they are known to travel to more than 300 destinations across 71 countries. No matter where you feel the vibes to go, you can be sure Royal Caribbean Cruises is ready and waiting to sail you across the open waters to help you create that memory.

The cruise line has multiple itineraries to choose from that allow you to get a taste of blending with locals, enjoy some good underwater activities, and explore different historic and attraction sites in each country.

With their versatility, every member of your family will have the opportunity to create a lasting memory like no other. Interestingly, they are among the group of cruise lines that offer some great family packages no matter the time of year you choose to travel.

Their itineraries usually run from two to 18 nights, but they do have longer sails for those desiring to get a bit of everything the world has to offer…this goes with their 274-night itinerary.

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There are multiple ships to choose from in this line, and they all have features and amenities designed to help you and your family have the best time of your lives. They have more than enough kids’ entertainment activities to keep them occupied throughout the entire cruise without ever getting bored.

The same goes for adults who can easily indulge in their kind of activities, whether at the bar or in adult-only zones like the pools.

With Royal Caribbean, their dining options are amazing, with a mix of cuisine from right around the world. This is one of the best cruise lines for big families as everyone is welcomed onboard and will never regret their decision to travel with any of the ships in the line.

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