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Christmas is one of the most festive times of the year, and that is a universal holiday for the world at large. It is a time when friends and family come together, with their differences aside, and have fun and create memories together. This is similar to the setting for the best cruise lines at Christmas that create a festive theme around each trip they embark on during the season.

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For those looking for a different kind of getaway experience for the festive season, you might want to consider getting on a cruise ship. Whether you are sailing across the waters of the Caribbean region or headed to a cooler region, selected cruise lines provide a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience.

Getting onboard some of these cruise lines will create an ambiance of peace and serenity with their colorful decorations. In addition, they have special holiday services that include Christmas-themed activities and dishes from all across the globe.

You might also be in for a major shocker when you learn that Christmas trees are set up, and Santa may make a pop-in visit. Every cruise line has that vibe about them during the Christmas season, but the ones highlighted here are a cut above the rest. The experience that awaits you on some of the best cruise lines for Christmas is genuinely next to magical.

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Cruise Lines You Should Book For Christmas

Carnival Cruises

The name says it all, as we can easily associate carnival with lots of fun and excitement. Overall, Carnival Cruises are known by many to be a vibes machine at sea, so it is no surprise they keep the same energy at Christmas. Whichever ship the line sends sailing through the holidays, they have loads of contests to keep you occupied and entertained.

They have an ugly holiday sweater contest that will get you creative and think outside the box to capture that amazing prize for you and your family. Are you a turkey fan? Well, you will love their slow-roasted Tom turkey with Christmas stuffing and pecan pie that they usually serve on Christmas day.

Other activities include trivia and scavenger hunts, holiday-themed bingo, or their movie nights showing on the huge outdoor drive-in movie screen. You can also look forward to enjoying some great live music from the ship’s resident playlist performers while sipping on your favorite cocktail and having a light snack. Ready to experience the Christmas vibes at sea? Well, here is a great option to go with!

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Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Regent Seven Seas will indulge you in the spirit of Christmas with its ultra-deluxe Christmas setting while sailing the open waters all around the globe. The ships are decorated with beautiful festive flowers, lights, and ornaments from the front, halls, and straight to the back. Have fun with the other guests and staff as the atmosphere sports everything exciting…even a visit from Santa while he sips a bit of champagne…not milk!

The food is great and matches the season…roast turkey with chestnut stuffing, baked ham, English Christmas pudding served with vanilla and whiskey sauce, and the legendary pumpkin pie with cranberries. You will feel the “reason for the season” the moment you step onboard any of Regents’ numerous ships.

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Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises is not just for celebrities but will give you the celebrity treatment you deserve…especially during the Christmas season. Celebrity Cruises will give you the treatment that allows you to wine and dine without having to worry about cleaning up after…that dreaded washing of dishes and pots!

The festive setting of the ships will leave you well-relaxed and feeling the joys of creating memories with friends and family. You can participate in or watch the amazing dance sessions of the American Ballet Theatre (whom the cruise line connects with for the season) or enjoy other live shows while sipping on your favorite wine.

They allow you to also stop by at different ports and do a little Christmas shopping to collect your memorabilia and other Christmas decorations.

Disney Cruises

What better way to celebrate your Christmas holidays than with Disney Cruises, who take the time out to create that holiday spirit onboard all their ships? Meet and greet your favorite Disney characters as they are a part of the major Christmas celebrations.

Being the family-friendly cruise line that they are, this makes them the perfect getaway route for the entire family, knowing everyone will get a piece of the fun without limit. They have lots of decorations onboard, including a 24-foot Christmas tree, poinsettias, twinkling lights, and a gingerbread house display.

For sure, let’s not forget their Winter Wonderland Celebration and special holiday fireworks as it launches in the sky with a background soundtrack of classic holiday tunes. The ships’ shops have unique Christmas gifts you can purchase as part of your memory catalog.

Best Cruise Lines for Christmas

Princess Cruises

Being a multigenerational holiday cruise line, Princess Cruises is one of the most sought-after when it comes to sailing the seas during the Christmas season. In addition to the beautiful Christmas celebrations, they also have ongoing performances by yuletide carolers and lots of competitions to keep their guests entertained. Some fun competitions include gingerbread making and snowman making (interestingly…with real snow!)

After a fun-filled day, enjoy their family-friendly movie nights or just be out on the deck to enjoy the cool breeze dashing across the ocean. They have activities to engage the entire family, such as cardmaking or sessions where you get to design your own keepsake ornaments.

The food is great and will have you craving more, whether you go for heavy dining or just a light snack. This is one cruise line you can count on to provide you with an awesome holiday experience.

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Cunard Line

Sailing the seas for more than two centuries, British Cruise Line, Cunard, is an exceptional choice to travel the seas for the Christmas holidays. They decorate their ships with amazing ornaments as the team creates their own unique designs to help them stand out from the rest.

The setting of the entire ship, along with the activities onboard, will keep you entertained for the entire trip. From poinsettias to seasonal festive flowers and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

Love decorating your space? A competition allows you and your family to enter the “best-dressed” stateroom. The food is definitely worth mentioning, as it is just what you are looking for on your holiday cruise. Once you book, don’t forget to try their mince pie…you will love it!

Final Thoughts on Best Cruise Lines for Christmas

Ready to get out of the house and try something new for the Christmas holidays? A cruise may be the perfect option to choose as it is different yet helps you celebrate the season in style!

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