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Italy and Greece are a gem when it comes to cruising because there is so much to explore and learn
in these new parts of the world you may have only read about. Most of the popular cruise
companies offer cruises to these regions with numerous itineraries to choose from that will have
you delving into intriguing adventures and bonding with nature like never before. The best cruise lines
for Greece and Italy
are highlighted in this article and are among the most exciting, adventurous, and affordable. Let’s take a trip to find out some of the best cruises you might find interesting.

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Best Cruise Lines To Travel To Italy And Greece

After thorough research and some direct experience and reviews, we have identified a few cruise
lines that are worth checking out if you are planning to travel to some cool shore locations in
Greece or Italy. To make the choice easier, we have categorized the cruise lines based on the type
of traveler you might be:

Best Cruise Lines To Travel To Italy

You won’t have such a hard time finding a cruise that travels to Italy, as most of the popular cruise
lines travel to this region multiple times a year. Italy has coastlines on the Mediterranean and the

Also, it has access to exclusive regions such as Rome, Naples, Capri, Sardinia, and Sicily. Italy offers an experience for every type of traveler as the natural wonders lie awaiting your arrival to explore them. Here are some of the best cruise lines to consider.

Azamara – Best For Cultural Travel

Azamara has been a pioneer when it comes to giving its cruises an adventure experience packed
with loads of cultural exhibits and more. The cruise line’s itineraries are always comprehensive in
terms of taking you to many locations within a few days.

You get the opportunity to explore so much as lots of these trips will take you to places starting from Monte Carlo, Monaco, and ending in Rome. You will also get to visit numerous other Italian ports and even Tunis, Tunisia.

Azamara’s cruise ship, Onward, is known to bless adventure lovers with loads of memories to be
created like no other. The intimate size of Onward helps you to bond with the local setting of the
places you travel to. Learn as much as you desire about different places around Italy and the
cultures you will explore.

Best Cruise Lines for Greece and Italy destination Rome

Windstar Cruises – Best For Small Ship Lovers

Windstar Cruises is one of the only cruise companies that focuses so much on exploring the wide
landscape of Italy. Three small ships with the company carry anywhere from 148 to 342 guests at
a time. This intimate space is more than enough to help you create a lasting memory of the romantic
reigns of Italy.

The Sicilian Splendors is Windstar’s way of creating an atmosphere for privacy; with 342 guests, you know it is best for lovers or those traveling as small, intimate groups.

You can look to get a cruise taking you from Rome and visit more than six Italian ports along the
journey. Be prepared to visit ports such as Porto Empedocle, Trapani, Catania, and the island of
Lipari. Interestingly, Windstar’s Five-masted Wind Surf is the world’s largest sailing ship,
providing intimacy and no space for claustrophobic settings.

However, if you are looking for a stateroom that has a balcony, you may need to be aware that none of the rooms on this ship has one. Everything is pretty much perfect with this ship.

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Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection – Best For Onboard Pampering

Cruising is an exquisite activity, and the best way to enjoy it is by getting an “out-of-this-world”
experience onboard. Traveling the high seas via the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection is one of the
best ways to see the glory of Italy and its many coastline cities.

This scenic cruise will take you to exotic places like Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Puglia, and the history-laced Siracusa and its three ports, Gallipoli, Taranto, and Otranto. You will not regret booking your cruise with this amazing cruise company.

You will get everything you’re hoping for from your vacation the moment you book with this
cruise company. Evrima, another of their ships that travels to Italy, offers features and amenities
such as nine bars and dining areas, serving up menus designed with the culture of the places you’ll
be traveling to. Unwind from life’s everyday stress and create lasting memories with friends and

Best Cruise Lines for Greece and Italy Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

Silversea Cruises – Best For Food Lovers

Three of the cruise line’s newest ships, the Silver Moon, Silver Dawn, and Silver Nova, have a
food program known as S.A.L.T – Sea and Land Taste, which will give you a food-satisfaction
experience like no other.

The ships in the fleet that travel to this region will take you on an adventure trail to seven ports in Italy, including Venice, Palermo, Rome, Sorrento, Naples, Trieste, and Siracusa. You may also be blessed with visits to Croatia, Malta, and Montenegro. Just imagine coming face to face with the city that is home to your favorite dish…it will definitely be a dream come true.

Norwegian Cruise Line – Best For Family Cruise

Creating lasting memories with family is one of the best feelings ever, and Norwegian Cruises is
one of the best ways to help a family experience the best trip. The features and amenities on the
ships they have sailing to this region are top-notch and designed to make your stay on the high
seas as comfortable as possible.

The Norwegian Prima is like a playground for cruisers of all ages, with activities to keep you fully entertained. The itineraries for this cruise line for Italy include traveling to the coastline of Italy, Croatia, and Greece.

On any cruise, you are destined to have a trip filled with history and culture. You will be graced with visits to numerous landmarks such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the historical wonders of Pompeii, and the culinary adventure of what lies on the dining table of these numerous cities.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Royal Caribbean Cruises – Best For Travelers On A Budget

Sailing the Mediterranean is a wonderful idea, and we can be sure every cruiser looking to travel
this route and the surrounding coastlines will want to do so on a budget. Without a doubt, the Royal
Caribbean Cruises is one of the best companies to travel to Italy and the coastlines around without
spending too much.

You can visit five Italian ports: Messina in Sicily, Venice/Ravenna, Rome, Naples, and Livorno. Interestingly, the sail may also take you to Barcelona and Marseille. The experience…from their dining areas to the bar or even the lounge area where you can meet and greet and socialize with others.

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Final Thoughts on Best Cruise Lines to Greece and Italy

In essence, traveling to Italy and Greece is a mix of adventurous and amazing destinations that will
quench your thirst to explore the wonders of nature. You can choose your travel style and even
based on the budget you have.

With the cruise lines noted above, among a few others, you will never get left behind without getting a direct feel of what life is like on the high seas as well as beyond the hilly backdrop we often see behind the ocean. You can get further information on any of these cruise lines by visiting their website or speaking to a representative from their company.

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