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Traveling alone is good sometimes, but when it comes to group traveling, you know the fun just gets better, and the vibes are never-ending. Planning a group cruise can be intimidating, especially if you have never done it before. Finding the best cruise lines for group travel is one of the best ways to create lasting moments with friends and family.

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Just imagine the group trip being a reunion with some far-flung friends from college or some family members whom you haven’t met up with since childhood. There are so many things involved with planning a group cruise and having everything in place will make the experience worthwhile. So, what is the first step to getting the trip sorted and everyone ready to go?

Planning A Group Cruise

You need to know so many things when looking into the best cruise lines for group travel, especially if you have never planned one before. However, we will make the planning journey easy for you with some tips that will help to guide you. Here are a few things that you would be interested to know about going on a group cruise.

Perks and Benefits of Group Cruises

A group cruise is a lot of fun, and some of the benefits you get when traveling as a group are amazing. Some of these perks include:

  • Free cabin with large cabin booking – Some cruise lines offer the benefit of getting a free cabin or berth when several cabins are booked for the entire group. Interestingly, some cruise lines will give the group leader a free berth once they book between 5 to 8 cabins.
  • Discounted rates – Large bookings can grant you the benefit of getting reduced prices as well as group discounts on other expenses that you may incur while on the cruise.

Best Cruise Lines To Consider for Group Travel

Almost every cruise company allows you to book a cruise as a group, even though some cruise lines offer a better cruise experience when you travel as a group. Let’s take a look at some of the best cruise lines to consider when planning a group getaway on the high seas.

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Royal Caribbean International – Allure of the Seas

Allure of the Seas is one of Royal’s top ships, carrying over 6,800 passengers at any given time. This ship was unveiled in 2010 and has around 2,054 crew members that will cater to your every travel needs.

Interestingly, there is so much you and your friends can explore while onboard as the ship features amenities such as rock climbing walls, ice skating rinks, seven unique neighborhoods with varying activities, and lots of dining and entertainment options.

The ship underwent a massive renovation in 2020, costing well over $165 million. This development came with 50 new staterooms, the tallest slide at sea (Ultimate Abyss), and renovated kids and teen spaces. You may also notice a few new dining venues.

No matter how old you think you are, the moment you step foot onboard the Allure of the Seas, the adventure mission is bound to bring out the child in you. There is a zip line that descends ten decks…just imagine the adrenaline rush you get as you climb the steps to head down!

Around 65 percent of the cabins feature balconies, so you can relax out back with champagne and snacks as you bask in the lush, cool breeze flowing off the open water. While there might be many crowd-free areas onboard due to the ship’s capacity, the endless amount of activities and entertainment to indulge in is limitless.

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Carnival Cruises – Carnival Mardi Gras

Carnival Mardi Gras got its name for the reason we all suspect…it is a vibes machine at sea! The ship was launched in July 2021 and got its name from the first Carnival ship that was released in 1972. You will enjoy every feature and amenities on the ship, as there are six different zones with their unique setup.

The onboard water park is more than enough to keep you fully entertained, much more than the other fun zones to keep you occupied. The adult-only zones are top-notch, as you can have all the drinks you want in the world, party a little, and unwind from everyday life’s stress. Enjoy the offerings of the numerous bars, pools, spas, or open zones where you can mingle with others and create additional friendships.

Carnival Mardi Gras, one of Carnival Cruises biggest ships, can hold up to 6,465 guests at a time and has over 1,745 crew members. The large capacity onboard is facilitated by the over 20 different dining venues onboard where you can get a serving of any dish you desire.

Staterooms feature TVs, Carnival Comfort Collection linens, and upgraded rooms with exclusive access to in-room coffee makers, bottled water, and first-class check-in and disembarkation. Some staterooms also come with balconies, so you can chill out with friends after a long day filled with adventurous activities.

Princess Cruises – Ruby Princess

Princess Cruises’ Ruby Princess is a gem as their adult-only zones, like the massage sanctuary or the movie screenings under the stars, are just what every group needs to zone out and create lasting memories. The ship was released in the company’s line in 2008, and October 2018 saw it undergoing a major renovation and development to include top-deck dining options.

The ship can host up to 3,080 guests at a time and has over 1,200 crew members. Over 80 percent of the exterior cabins feature a balcony, and all rooms come with flat-screen TVs and minifridges. As for the interior cabins, you can choose sizes that range between 158 to 162 square feet. Interestingly, some of the rooms have Pullman beds in case you have to house extra guests.

There are many activities to engage in while onboard, and if you choose to go for shore excursions, the fun doesn’t have to be limited. Onboard, you can enjoy activities such as a nine-hole golf course, enrichment and educational opportunities, and duty-free shopping boutiques. If you have a foodie in your group, they will love everything about the eight venues that they have to choose from. The food will have your tastebuds craving for more.

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Norwegian Cruises – Norwegian Encore

Norwegian Encore is one of Norwegian Cruises’ newest ships that started its journey back in November 2019. The ship can host up to 3,998 guests at a time, and its 1,735 crew members are more than happy to help you experience the time of your life. You will love everything about the onboard features and amenities, such as the longest racetrack at sea and a 10,000-square-foot outdoor laser tag arena.

Let’s not forget the Galaxy Pavilion, which features virtual reality games and rides, two major waterslides, a spa, a pool, and a fitness center. As for nighttime entertainment, there are countless bars you and your friends can head over to and enjoy the music and clean fun that comes with letting your hair down.

You can choose from their inside or oceanview cabins, balconies, and suite accommodations. Enjoy the outdoor life on the balcony as you sip some drinks and listen to cool music with friends. Whether you enjoy only the onboard amenities and features or head to shore at different stops, you will not be disappointed.

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Useful Tips For Planning A Group Cruise

When you make the call and everyone agrees to go on the cruise together, you put certain steps in place that will help you make the experience smooth and hassle-free. When planning the group cruise, here are a few tips to help you out.

Appoint a responsible group leader – Every group should have a leader who will help to make the planning and the work easy for everyone. Yes, while it is a group trip, you will need someone to ensure all the relevant documents are sourced for the group members, all the research is done, and the necessary liaison between the cruise line and the group is managed effectively.

While the person who initiated the trip can be the self-appointed leader, others can come to an agreement on who they want to run things…after all, we can all agree that every group of friends or family has that one super responsible team leader who is good at managing things.

Choose the right cruise line – It can be a little tricky to find the best cruise to easily accommodate a group of 10 or more people of different ages, interests, and abilities. You want to choose a cruise that is flexible and versatile in catering to the needs of every member of the group.

Of course, the entire group can make an input on the different cruises they like and have a little team meeting to agree on which would be more suitable. If no agreement is made, you could all make a bucket list to travel to each cruise line selected whenever vacation breaks come up.

Book early– This is really important as cruise lines tend to book out quickly, especially if the itinerary is adventure and fun-filled. Bear in mind you are traveling as a group and want to have cabins next to each other, so it is best to get at it the moment the cruise company opens their booking application.

Utilize the services of atravel agent – While you can book your group travel and cabin directly through the cruise line link, booking through a travel agency specializing in group travel is recommended. Travel agents tend to have close connections and links with cruise lines, so they can help make the booking experience smooth and score some interesting perks and benefits for the group.

Also, popular travel agents might be given first preference from the cruise line as they often offer high-volume bookings for the cruise line.

Communicate effectively – Communication is important when planning your cruise, as one missed email or message could cost you the entire trip. Be sure to check in for any possible updates, and if you are unsure about anything, it is important to reach out to the cruise line for information that would help you.

Communication also means being in a group so everyone can stay abreast of everything happening. You can create group chats on your phone, an email list, or a social media group where you post all the relevant information about the trip.

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Make plans for the getaway– This is where you make plans to reach the boarding venue early (a day before departure is always recommended), a meeting point to regroup on board, and a meeting schedule in case you all go for a shore excursion. While you want to do every activity as a group, everyone has their interests and will want to explore something that not every group member desires.

You could set a time for each member to meet at a particular location, say by the pool or a particular bar, just to ensure everyone is okay and everything is going as planned.

Have fun – Remember you are traveling as a group, so returning home without some legendary group photos and videos will not be wise! Also, be sure to have as much fun as possible while creating memories as a group; you want to have that individual experience just the same. After all, the group trip could be your first time on a cruise, so make the most of it.

Final Thoughts on Best Cruise Lines For Group Travel

A group cruise is as fun as traveling alone…if not more! There are many cruise lines, each with features and amenities bound to make your trip a one-in-a-million experience. Adventure awaits you on the high seas, and the best way to explore the unknown is with those you love and care about the most.

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