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Cruising has been one of the booming ways of going on a vacation, and no matter the cultural background you are from, you will love everything about it. One of the most popular groups that love a cruising adventure is LGBTQ, and best believe, some of the best cruise lines for LGBTQ cruisers offer a friendly and fun experience for them.

Best Cruise Lines For LGBTQ Cruisers Cover

These LGBTQ-friendly cruises design their itineraries with a mission to create memories, comfort, at-home feeling, and acceptance. No matter the type of cruise you are looking to go on…a non-stop party trip, nature exploration, or a historical trip, there is a cruise waiting for you.

While some cruises are dedicated to just this group, other general cruise lines may still need an itinerary dedicated just for them, but they do ensure they are accepted in every activity onboard and onshore.

Cruises To Book As An LGBTQ

For those looking for the best cruise lines for LGBTQ cruisers that won’t see them being judged or sidelined, here are a few you could consider:

Brand G Vacations

  • Has curated trips for the LGBTQ community and has been doing so since 2011.
  • Offer small-scale cruises that present a more intimate kind of experience. This also allows you to form new friendships as you go along.
  • Tours cover trips on popular rivers such as the Amazon, Douro, and Ganges.
  • Partnership with charity committees to address issues within the LGBTQ community – the company’s way of expressing their philanthropy services.
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Celebrity Cruises

  • Offers inclusivity in the workplace on board and with other company-related activities.
  • Partners with LGBTQ impact groups to offer a cruising experience for members like they have never experienced before.
  • Feelings of acceptance in every area of the cruise, such as dining areas, bars, lounges, games room, pools, spa, and just about everywhere else onboard.
  • Allows same-sex marriages onboard since 2017, which the cruise captain officiates.
  • Host a popular pride party at sea that the company started in 2018. They also have curated LGBTQ activities that run on cruises they offer throughout June.
  • Won the award for Most LGBTQ-Friendly Travel Company of the Year in 2016.
  • LGBT welcome parties are held on the first night of most cruises.
  • LGBTQ-themed events and social hours onboard for the duration of the trip.

Atlantis Events

  • Partying on the high seas is an experience like no other, and the popular parties by Atlantis events are everything the LGBTQ community is looking for.
  • It is the largest gay cruise to tour Europe as they make stops in places like France, Italy, and Ibiza.
  • On board the Odyssey of the Seas, you get to socialize with over 4,000 passengers of the same culture and also those accepting of the community.
  • Smaller, intimate cruises cover Southeast Asia, including Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Bangkok.


  • It goes all the way to be inclusive of LGBTQIAPK patrons.
  • Cover cruises that run along tropical island routes and other destinations that are far away.
  • There are numerous features and amenities onboard to enjoy, such as 29 drinking and dining venues, wild nightlife, spacious suites, spas, pools, and much more.
  • Provides a wide adventure mission for those looking for a diverse yet intimate experience.
  • Look to explore itineraries that cover areas like the sensual soul of Polynesia and the coasts of the Adriatic Sea.
nightlife and dancing


  • Caters to LGBTQ women, unlike many other cruises, cater to mostly male travelers.
  • Offers a wide range of river and open-water cruises that travel around the globe.
  • Covers tours to places such as Egypt, Alaska, Greece, and Jordan.
  • Provides diverse features and amenities for travelers, including numerous dining options, alcoholic beverages, self-service laundry, spas, relaxation lounges, and shore activities.
  • Allows you to enjoy booking at numerous resorts on shore at each port of call.

The Cruise by La Demence

  • One of the most popular Belgian cruises that has been running LGBTQ cruises for decades and offers a different type of aquatic experience.
  • Tours exotic places like Italy, Catania, Malta, and the wider Mediterranean.
  • Diversity in onboard features and amenities like a spa, a star-studded cast of entertainers, and a special zone- the nudist deck.
  • Of course, it was an unforgettable experience.

P&O Cruises

  • Offers a cruise experience that covers diversity, equality, and inclusion of everyone, regardless of sexual or cultural background.
  • Partners with LGBTQ agencies to provide the community with services catered directly to them.
  • Has always and continues to support and sponsor Southampton Pride.
  • It altered its logo in 2022 to feature a rainbow – a sign that they are committed to serving the LGBTQ community.
  • Features and amenities onboard are geared towards making every traveler comfortable and have the time of their life.
Best Cruise Line for LGBTQ Cruisers P&O Cruises

Source Journeys

  • Carefully curates their itineraries to facilitate travelers of all cultural communities.
  • Travels to exotic areas in Ecuador, Cambodia, and Vietnam and connects travelers with as much wildlife experience as they can manage.
  • Onboard features and amenities to make your trip comfortable, such as spacious suites, spas, bars, multiple dining options, and relaxation decks by the pool.

Royal Caribbean

  • It has won numerous awards for supporting the LGBTQ community and making its cruises LGBTQ-friendly.
  • Customizable onboard features and amenities to facilitate travelers’ needs, such as diverse cruising, suites, spa and fitness centers, pools, and other onboard engagements.
  • Partners with pride groups to provide services accommodating to gay travelers and to make their experience more memorable and worthwhile.
  • Has a strong focus on inclusivity, diversity, and acceptance for employment and guests.
  • While the company designs no LGBTQ-only-themed itineraries, they ensure all their trips are comfortable for the group to work with.

Uniworld River Cruises

  • Offers river cruises that are unmatched
  • Tours numerous cities in and around popular countries in Western Europe.
  • Onboard curated events and programs geared toward the LGBTQ community
  • Supports and partners with groups and facilitates services and programs to enrich the members of the LGBTQ community. 
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Final Thoughts

You no longer have to worry about being rejected as a member of the LGBTQ community as most, if not all, cruise companies have come on board to provide a cruise experience like no other. The features and amenities onboard are accommodating, and so are the staff.

There are programs and events curated onboard and ashore for members to engage in, so you feel inclusivity and comfort with every aspect of your trip with the best cruise lines for LGBTQ cruisers.

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