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Just as much as your clothes selection is important when going on a cruise, your shoe selection is just about the same. You have to be mindful that even though you will be on the ship and step off at selected ports of call (based on the ship’s itinerary), you still need to find the best shoes to wear on a cruise to wear to get you going and with maximum comfort.

Best Shoes To Wear On A Cruise Cover

Packing the right shoes for each occasion will help a lot as it reduces overpacking and ends up leaving some vital things that you really should have packed. So, having reviewed the itinerary and using general knowledge, here are a few of the best shoes and options to wear on a cruise.

Flip Flops

These are great for warm weather and are among the most convenient and comfortable. When going around the ship, they come in handy as the setting is casual, and it won’t make you look out of place. Furthermore, they take up minimal room in your luggage as they can even be carried in your small carry-on bag.

However, even though they are convenient to wear around, flip-flops shouldn’t be the only footwear you pick as they don’t work for all settings. For one, they are not the best choice of shoes to wear on a cruise if you are going to do long-standing or walking or if you plan to go on a hike. With no ankle protection, your feet will not be protected against sprains and strains when wearing these.

Best Shoes to Wear On a Cruise flip flops


Sandals are another comfort selection as you have a wide option to choose from, and you can easily find a pair to match any or most occasions. You can get flexible with sandals as you can wear them for a dress-up or dress-down purpose, and they are great for keeping your feet cool on a hot day.

They are perfect for most cruise excursions, and you can keep them on for short walking trips without feeling any form of discomfort. You can choose the ones with arch support to avoid foot fatigue because let’s face it…a cruise vacation will have you on your feet because you want to explore and get adventurous as much as possible.

Another great thing when choosing sandals is that you can go for the ones with a backstrap or enclosed back that will provide much more sturdiness when compared to flip-flops. You can go for sandals with a little wedged heel to give your overall look a little more classy, which means there are options for every type of occasion listed in the itinerary.

Best Shoes to Wear On a Cruise sneakers

Lightweight Sneakers

Warm climates can be paired with walking shoes that have a little mesh so your feet will get some much-needed air as you move around. You can also wear moisture-wicking socks to help keep your feet dry and reduce any potential odor build-up. While sneakers are not great for formal events, they come in handy for most other activities you will engage in, such as cruise excursions, hikes, and long walking.

For people who have foot problems and need to explore a little, these shoes can be the best option, being varied in the selection. After all, there are those with padding, or you can pre-order medicated running shoes that will consider all your feet’ issues and help reduce the chances of any discomfort. They also provide stability when it comes to certain walking surfaces while on shore.

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Wedged Heels

These will provide not only some level of class but also take up little space in your luggage compared to if you had to pack loads of high heels. The step between “not too low and not too high” makes them a perfect choice for every occasion as they suit a casual setting as well as can be worn for most, if not all, formal events onboard and off.

packing shoes

Dress Shoes

These shoes are mainly for formal events as most ships require you to don formal attire some nights at dining, while some events require no form of casual dressing. Take, for instance, women, formal doesn’t always mean high heels as these can provide some level of discomfort if too high as well as they might make your feet feel sore after wearing them for too long.

If you suffer from health issues like arthritis, high heels might not be the best, and going lower would be the best solution. There is no saying you can’t go flat and still not be elegant.

Depending on the length of your cruise, you might only need to pack one pair of dress shoes (yes, this may be off for fashion icons, lol!), or you can go with a few pairs to match your many different formal outfits. For men, it is somewhat a little easier as they can find that one pair of shoes that goes with everything! They have the advantage here, but if they are the ones to make a fashion statement…more pairs won’t be an issue at all.

Again, it all depends on the cruise you book and the itinerary that goes with your choice. If it is on a smaller cruise or yacht, you can always choose semi-formal dress shoes that can be worn across different events without feeling out of place.

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Additional Tips When Packing Your Shoes

Packing for a cruise can be tedious yet not so pressuring once you have an idea of the different activities you will be engaging in. As such, review your itinerary so you can be guided here are a few additional tips to help you out…

  • When packing shoes, you can save space by rolling socks and belts and stuffing them inside the shoes.
  • Put shoes in a shoe bag or plastic bag so you can have that extra layer of protection for your clothes. For larger shoes, consider storing each foot in separate bags to help manage space better. But why? Take, for instance, a pair of high heels…you wouldn’t want when you get onboard you find out that the tip of the shoes tore your favorite pair of blouses, right? That’s what we thought too!
  • Try to fit the shoes before you pack them because going onboard to find out that the new shoe will only cause you pain is not going to be so fun.
  • Take any form of cream or ointment with you just in case you develop any form of blister or sore after wearing a pair of shoes on any given occasion.

So, now that you have an idea for the best shoes to wear on a cruise vacation, you can now decide to consider color and style above everything else. 

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