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Alaska is among the most beautiful places with an amazing coastline, lush rainforests, breathtaking glaciers, and jaw-dropping snow-capped mountains. But, the best way to explore all these and get the best of it is by sea. No wonder most people who visit Alaska often do so via cruise, as the experience is one in a million. However, it takes more than just booking a cruise tour; finding the best cruise lines for Alaska always guarantees the most rewarding results.

Best Cruise Lines For Alaska Cover

There are loads of cruise lines to choose from that head to and through Alaska, from those that host hundreds of people to larger vessels taking in thousands of nature lovers from all over the world. When researching the best cruise to book, there are a few factors you pay keen attention to, such as ship size, amenities (food, staff, lodging area, restrooms, etc.), costs, and flexibility when it comes to tours.

While Alaska is the main goal for your visit, doing so aboard the right cruise will make the experience more worthwhile.

Best Alaska Cruises

Many cruise lines provide tours for Alaska, but not all provide the results you need. From experience and research, here are the top Alaska Cruises worth checking out.

Best Cruise Overall – Windstar Cruises

Windstar Cruises features a small “yacht-like” size which provides unlimited access to the glaciers and fjords of Alaska. Not many other ships with their quality can fit through the tiny yet special places in the region.

The ship features cool amenities such as unlimited drinks, expert guides who provide a detailed description of the area, take guests to some of the most exclusive places, and free Wi-Fi. Why travel with Windstar Cruises? It provides more of an “intimate style” as it:

  • It can only accommodate 312 passengers
  • There are no interior cabins, as each cabin is a suite
  • Since 2021, new developments saw the introduction of an infinity pool, better dining experiences, and a new World Spa.

However, one major drawback is that this cruise doesn’t have as many entertainment options as other larger ships.

Overall, Windstar Cruises provides access to Alaska’s inner core regions and beauties like no other. You get unique experiences because of the cruise’s size, such as anchoring in the Misty Fjords and Kenai Fjords…unlike most other ships, you have to be on a shore excursion to experience this.

Best Cruise Lines for Alaska Windstar Cruises

Best Ship Renovation – Celebrity Cruises

Launched in 2000, Celebrity Millennium has undergone many developments to modernize its cruise, including enhanced technology, luxurious staterooms, and state-of-the-art restaurants and lounges. Their dining experience is unmatched, and their amenities complement your experiences, such as fitness classes, private verandas, and unlimited access to their Persian Garden. The ship will:

  • Accommodate up to 2,218 passengers at a time
  • Features accessible staterooms with roll-in showers and grab bars
  • Features amenities for a quality autism-friendly cruising experience with sensory-friendly toys
  • Provides wide dietary options

This cruise, however, does not cater to the large exclusive parties known to be popular on larger ships, but this can be a plus for those seeking a more quiet adventure.

Celebrity Cruise Lines cater to those looking for a more passionate tour for the beauty of Alaska. It is a combination of cruises that has amenities to satisfy the urge and needs of every individual traveler.

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Best All-Inclusive Ship – American Queen Voyages

Worried that you may have to pay some additional cash once you book your cruise tour and get on board? Well, American Queen Voyages does not put you in that position, as everything you need on your tour is already included in their booking price.

Their amenities range from great food to an amazing experience, multiple hot tubs, an infinity pool, and everything else you could look for in a comfortable cruise tour. Their advantages include:

  • Large menu with a touch of local ingredients
  • Each room provides you with binoculars for wildlife excursions
  • Great staff with no limits on access to their features (bars, pools, Wi-Fi, etc.)

However, with all that was noted above and more, the price is not on the lower end. Depending on the itinerary, the cost may vary, but it ranges from $200 per night per person. There are also no musical or stage show productions onboard.

Aside from the hefty cost, the experience is worthwhile, and you are on your way to creating a memorable experience.

Best Cruise Lines for Alaska wildlife excursions

Best Small Ship – Oceania Cruises

Built-in 1998, Oceania Cruises were redesigned back in 2019 with a touch of class, elegance, and satisfaction of their guests in mind. This cruise ship offers travelers the experience of bonding with local life as the cruise line partners with native tribes to bring Alaska directly to the people. They provide their guests with free Wi-Fi and unlimited soft drinks on a daily basis from their refrigerated mini-bar.

Booking this cruise will guarantee you:

  • Four open-seating restaurants, a casino, and eight lounges and bars
  • Excellent staff-passenger ratio as there are over 400 staff (including crew members) and a maximum of 656 guests spots.
  • An exclusive dining experience to include some of Alaska’s favorite local dishes, such as King Crab, Alaskan blueberry pancakes, and Halibut.
  • English -style library with over 2000 options
  • Eloquent spa to relax and unwind from the busy everyday life struggles

Not all their staterooms feature a private veranda, but we can tell you the experience will make up for that little drawback (for some people).

Everything aboard the Oceania Cruises is designed for your comfort, and you are destined to have an experience like you have never had before.

Best Ultra-Luxury – Seaburn Cruises

If you are looking for a cruise that will provide you with a luxurious, state-of-the-art setting, quality amenities, and finger-licking cuisine, one of your best stops needs to be with Seaburn Cruises. With free Wi-Fi, fitness classes, and cuisine designed by famous chef Thomas Keller, you are definitely in for a treat. Booking with Seaburn Cruises will provide you with:

  • 229 luxury suites, with most having verandas and all oceanfront rooms.
  • In-suite amenities include a full bar with complimentary wines, Motorola Brown bath products, and a daily replenished fruit basket.
  • Two amazing swimming pools
  • A spa and wellness program
  • Five whirlpools
  • A beauty salon
  • A card room and casino
  • A library

While there have been no developments since it was designed and built in 2009, there is still a lot to enjoy.

The line can accommodate up to 450 passengers and will give you a grand tour of the Alaskan Fjords and Inside Passage. There are loads of onboard activities to engage in, and the memories you will create will be worthwhile.

Alaska fjords

Best Large Ship Cruise- Royal Caribbean International

Here we have one of the largest cruises of all time…Royal Caribbean International. It was off duty for a while back in 2021 to undergo some refurbishment. This high-class cruise line can accommodate up to 4,905 passengers at a time and is versatile enough to cater to the needs of everyone. There are loads of amenities to make the most of, such as:

  • A FlowRider surf simulator
  • iFly skydiving simulator
  • A glass observation capsule that provides an exceptional bird’s eye view of Alaska’s rich beauty (additional cost)
  • High-tech virtual balcony views
  • A rock-climbing wall
  • Open bars and lounges
  • Spa and wellness program
  • Luxury shopping options
  • Amazing Kids Program
  • Movie night, live music, etc.

They do have nights when dinner is in a formal setting, but if it’s not your style, you can always opt for a more casual venue.

Being on this cruise, we can tell you it is impossible to be bored as the numerous entertainment options are just too good. Relax in style and comfort aboard a ship that creates a home away from home experience.

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Best Traditional Cruise – Holland America Line

Seasoned cruisers will love everything about the Holland America Cruise Lines to Alaska as it offers nothing short of comfort, style, good food, and a memorable experience. The mid-size ship can host up to 2,650 passengers at a time, with everyone being fully entertained by the myriad of features and amenities onboard.

You can enjoy things such as Rolling Stone Rock Room live music, dine dining events, live cooking demonstrations, and club HAL for kids ages 3 to 17 years.

The itinerary for this cruise ensures they cover as much of Alaska’s gem within seven days, so you won’t miss out on anything. With up to 912 balconied accommodations, you are in for a treat with friends and family, or even if you book your vacation alone. At an affordable price, you will get a full-pack adventure experience.

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