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What better way to explore the wonders of the world than aboard a cruise ship that will take you anywhere in the world you wanna go? Whether you want to visit the tropical islands under the sun or you want to explore the coastlines of Africa, some of the best cruise lines for an around the world trip are ready to dedicate their ships…fully equipped with some of the most intriguing features and amenities.

Best Cruise Lines for Around the World Trip Cover

The itineraries of a world tour are matchless, and the memories you are about to create can be compared to nothing else. There are so many destinations you will visit, and each one provides a different setting, culture, experience, and style.

Before Booking A World Tour

Booking a tour with your favorite cruise lines for an around the world trip is a great feeling, but there are a few things you need to bear in mind.

  • Dedicate Some Time – Time is very much important when you are planning to go on a cruise around the world. These itineraries are usually lengthy as you have lots of destinations to cover, so you don’t wanna limit your vacation. Pro Tip: If you are allowed a single vacation leave each year, you could consider saving up.two years’ worth of leave for your cruise.
  • Extra Cash is Good – You are traveling the world, so memorabilia is a  must as part of your souvenir collection.  Bear in mind that gift shops and some other features in each country are not covered in your booking costs, so you want that extra cash to get some cool stuff to take back home.
  • Pack Your Gears – When packing, keep your itinerary close so you know the activities you will engage in. As such, packing the relevant outfits and gear will help you to create the most memorable experience. Check out the climate of each destination so you can pack accordingly. 

Choosing Your Cruise Line

There are lots of cruises that sail the world, but the interesting thing is that you have to book early as these “seats” sell out really fast. If you are unsure which cruise line to book with, here are a few of the best options on which we did a little research.

Viking Ocean Cruises 

Visit more than 25 countries on a single tour with Viking Ocean Cruises as they head out from Fort Lauderdale across the Gulf of Mexico,  over the Caribbean Sea, and then across the Pacific Ocean.

You will get the opportunity to stop at some cool destinations while on tour to experience the culture and setting of countries you have only ever heard of. At an affordable cost, Vikings could keep you sailing for up to 138 days, so you are in for a full-package adventure.

Best Cruise Line for Around the World Trip Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Over 130 days is sure a good time to travel the world and get the most out of what each culture has to offer. Regent Seven Seas offers affordable world tour packages for cruisers, and they will guarantee you a comfortable and amazing experience. Their features and amenities will provide you with a “sailing home” experience as you get quality customer service, amazing food and drink, and the ultimate relaxation zone.

With multiple ships in their line and catering to the entire family, you can create that perfect memory with friends and family. Bear in mind their bookings go really fast, so you have to be quick to get a spot, or you may have to join a long waiting list to see if any cancellations come up.

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Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean is another cruise line that goes all out to provide its guests with the perfect sailing experience. With a trip covering 274 nights across all seven continents, we can safely say there is nothing that you will miss out on.

Some of the stops covered by Royal Caribbean (especially in their trip running from December 2023 to September 2024) include…the Philippines, Lithuania, Greenland, South Korea, the Caribbean, Africa, and many more places before heading back to their start point.

They do have shorter times for those who cannot book the entire trip, so they do accommodate all sea lovers to create that memory and experience they desire to achieve.


See outside of Germany aboard Cunard’s Queen Victoria 100+ day cruise that takes you all around the world. Whether you are looking to explore the Caribbean, parts of Asia, Africa, or other exotic countries, you sure want to book a ticket with this amazing cruise line. Their amenities and features onboard will provide you with a comfortable ride for the entire journey, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

The food is right, drink whatever you love, and feel free to relax in any of their cozy lounges or spa. The packages are quite affordable compared to the experience you will garner over the entire journey.

Silversea Cruise Line


Silversea Cruises will have you traveling the world in style, class, and comfort. With some of the coolest amenities and features a ship can possess, you are sure to enjoy every bit of your excursion from one country to the next. Their ticket bookings usually run fast, so if you miss your opportunity, you will have to join their waitlist for cancellation or wait until they have another word tour package.

They allow you to onboard at several ports around the world where you can engage with locals and get a taste of their rich culture. We guarantee you are in for a great treat aboard Silversea Cruises once you book a world tour with them.

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Sail the seas with Seabourn Cruise Lines for their around the world trip, and we can safely say you will have no regrets. With a tour being over 100 days and covering up to over 30 countries, there is a lot for you to explore as the cultures of these countries are diverse.

The features and amenities onboard are designed to provide you with maximum comfort and satisfaction as they create that “homely ambiance” for you to relax and unwind in. It is perfect for the entire family, so endless fun and memories await everyone. 

The world is no longer a place to look at as a hard distance to travel, especially with the fact that there are cruise lines designed to take you around the world in just a matter of days. They have the perfect “home away from home” experience that will give you the opportunity to enjoy luxury at your fingertips while having fun.

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