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Not many people have the Great Lakes on their mind as a place to cruise to…but we can safely
say you are missing out on a treasured gem! However, adventure seekers are now looking
outside the box, there are many cruise lines for the Great Lakes taking their guests across the waters of
the amazing lakes to create some lasting memories like no other.

Best Cruise Lines for Great Lakes Cover

The Great Lakes are best explored via ship, as you get a full scope of the area’s attractions, natural wonders, and vibrant cities that sit on the coastlines. Cruising the Great Lakes comes with a little
consideration in terms of:

  • Which cruise line is best to tour with
  • When is the best time to visit
  • Ports to visit
  • Shoreline activities to engage in

Sure enough, a cruise in this region is not planned overnight, but more so one that you plan for in
advance so you can maximize the visit and engage in as many activities as possible while there. In
addition, the earlier you are with booking, the better chance you have at scoring a good fare deal.

Why Should I Cruise The Great Lakes?

The Great Lakes, consisting of Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and Lake
Superior, have a lot to offer enthusiastic travelers. Interestingly, you will get the opportunity to
explore some of America’s most historic sites, wonders created naturally and by man, and
fascinating cultures of popular cities and small towns.

These lakes cover a large area and help make up the world’s largest freshwater ecosystem. While you can see the area from above or tour the lands surrounding the Great Lakes by car, we can tell you the experience you get via a cruise can never be compared.

As you sail on the waters of the Great Lakes, you will get to see the historic museums of Chicago
as well as the world-class architecture of what makes up the cities in the area. The view from a
ship is to “die for” as you get to see as far as the beautiful Niagara Falls that lies on the New York
border. Best believe all of this can be done via a single cruise trip.

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How Often Do Cruises Go To The Great Lakes?

Cruises to the Great Lakes do not run for long as weather is often a heavy contributing factor to its
limitations. Most of the cruises run from May to September (warmer months), as during winter
and the other colder months, there is lots of snow and ice in the region, making sails hard.

Another limitation factor is the closing of the St. Lawrence Seaway, which restricts the operation of cruise
vessels in the area. Be mindful, however, that in the earlier parts of the cruise season, it might be
a little chilly, but as the months go by, the temperatures will gradually rise.

Best Cruise Lines To Consider

Now that you know the adventures that await you along the Great Lakes, you might be on the edge
of your seats to find out which cruise lines are best to give you a unique experience. Unfortunately,
some of the world’s largest cruise lines do not offer cruises on the Great Lakes as their ships are
too big to sail in the area. However, other exclusive cruise lines offer trips to this area, such as:

  • Pearl Sea Cruises
  • American Queen Voyages
  • Viking Cruises
Best Cruise Lines for Great Lakes Mackinac Island

Pearl Sea Cruises

Pearl Sea Cruises offers different trips to the Great Lakes, some itineraries lasting for 11 nights
sailing the Great Lakes and Georgian Bay. On this cruise, you will get to go across four lakes and
just behold the beauty of nature on either side of the lakes.

You will be accompanied by a local expert guide who will be there to show you the best of the region. Explore the history of American Music at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, explore the first European community in Ontario, Sainte-Marie, or visit the famous Motor City in Detroit.

As you step on Mackinac Island, you will have a flashback in time as you behold the horse and
buggy rides in the often quiet streets, or you can explore the island on a bicycle or by foot. Without
a doubt, the experience you will receive as you tour the cities and small towns around the Great
Lakes will be matched with the service you receive onboard…just top-notch.

While in port, you can take a boat ride in Niagara Falls, where you can go just a few feet away
from the misty spray of the falls. Are you a history lover? Well, a narrated cruise along St. Mary’s
River in Sault St. Marie will tickle your fancy as you learn as much as you can about the 300-year-
old history of the region.

Yes, you will also get to learn the story behind the Soo Locks. Can you
believe the locks pass over 10,000 ships per year, even though most of the sails fall during the
warmer months?

American Queen Voyages

Nature’s beauty at its best can be explored with the cruise team from American Queen Voyages,
who work overtime to create an experience you have never had. Onboard a cruise with American
Queen Voyages, you will get one of the best “homely” experiences as the staff will make the trip
a comfortable and memorable one.

Bask in the amazing personalized service, endless onboard entertainment, quality features and amenities, and cuisine that is made with local flavors to tickle your taste bud’s fancy. As you explore the history of Mackinac Island and French-Canadian towns, the beauty of nature and wildlife surrounding it is beyond breathtaking.

Whether you are looking to take a close-to-home adventure trip or want to explore North America’s
coastlines, American Queen Voyages has the answers you are looking for. With this cruise line,
you will get a diverse tour with any itinerary you choose that runs over a few days. Cruises with
American Queen Voyages are all-inclusive, so the only additional cost you may incur is that used
for airfare to get to the place where you will be boarding the ship.

American Queen Voyages

Viking Cruises

Discover the natural wonders in and around the Great Lakes as well as the historic spots around
the area on a cruise with Viking Cruises. The team at Viking Cruises knows the treasure that lies
in the Great Lakes, and they desire to quench your thirst for adventure.

Brace yourself for fun and excitement as you engage in activities such as hiking, kayaking, tours to world-class museums, and engaging in the cultural offerings of the towns and cities. A tour with Viking Cruises is not limited to activities such as:

● Watching for wildlife from the deck of the ship
● Exploring the largest freshwater ecosystem on the planet
● Getting narrated sails detailing the history and culture of the Great Lakes

While on shore, there are numerous activities you can engage in, and be sure not to miss out on
visiting the national museum and other historic sites. Undoubtedly, you will forever thank Viking
Cruises for helping you uncover the hidden gems around the Great Lakes.

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Final Thoughts on Best Cruise Lines for Great Lakes

The diverse, unspoiled historic regions in and around the Great Lakes create an intimate bond the
moment you book a cruise. As an adventure seeker and lover, you will get to explore the hidden
sides of America and Canada that no one ever speaks about. Don’t wait…book a trip to the Great
Lakes today, and we can tell you will be back to say thanks for highlighting this amazing cruise

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