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A cruise is by far one of the most romantic ways of celebrating your honeymoon as it is different,
intimate, and offers an exclusive experience you cannot get anywhere else. We are not ruling out
a resort for a vacation, as it is a setting you might enjoy. Doing your due diligence and checking out all the best cruise lines for a honeymoon will certainly pay off.

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But imagine the glory of touring the world with the one you love and creating memories in places you have always dreamt about. A cruise honeymoon is easy as all you have to do is book your spot onboard, turn up on the day of departure, and leave the rest to the experienced cruise company and its amazing staff.

Interestingly, finding the perfect honeymoon cruise is not as complicated as some people might
make it look, but getting an all-inclusive honeymoon cruise would be the ideal bet. A cruise ship
has loads of activities to keep you entertained, or if you desire to just lay back on the deck by the
pool or enjoy some soothing massage on the high seas, you can choose to do whatever you want.

No matter the cruise line you choose to go with, we can assure you the staff will make your
experience worthwhile, in addition to the world-class features and amenities you can enjoy

Why Choose A Cruise For A Honeymoon?

Many people might wonder what the big deal is about going on a cruise for a honeymoon, but
there are endless reasons why this option might be the best to consider. When it comes to cruising,
here are a few advantages you can benefit from:

No Need for Destination Reservation – Once you book a tour with any cruise line of your choice, you get everything you need at your fingertips without having to worry aboutdoing things yourself.

There is no need to go looking for destinations you can visit as the cruise line you choose outlines its various itineraries, so you pick the one that best suits your style. With a cruise, you get to explore numerous destinations in a matter of days.

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Budget-Friendly – Lots of cruises give discounts, and even without discounts, the services and experience you get are way more than what you paid for. Let’s be real: if you had to make a booking at several destinations over the course of a week or two, it could easily run your finances through the roof.

Diversity – There is a cruise itinerary that fits every type of traveler, and even if you and your significant other like different things, there is something to keep both engaged onboard and off. If you are the laid-back type, the amenities onboard will cater to your needs, and for those party animals, the nightlife onboard is superb and exciting.

Flexibility – Unlike a setting where you may have to pack and unpack to catch your ride to the next destination, your itinerary gives you clear indications of the stops that will be made as well as the possible activities you will engage in. As such, you just need to do a single packing and just grab what you need at your port of call or for any selected onboard activity.

Exclusive Service – The staff will create that homely experience for you, and the features and amenities are designed to give you a comfortable and relaxing stay. You can request any service you need no matter the time of day, and cruise lines are top of the class when it comes to personalized services, so you are in for a treat.

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Cruise Lines With The Best Honeymoon Services

Many cruise lines offer you and yours the opportunity to create a lasting moment of love, adventure, and intimacy. To help you make the best choice for your honeymoon cruise, we have done a little research to indicate some of the quality services you can receive with selected cruise lines:

Virgin Voyages

Why you should book your honeymoon with Virgin Voyages:

● They offer a unique and contemporary type of cruising experience with an adult-only theme designed for your special moment.
● The features and amenities onboard speak volumes regarding sophistication and luxury.
● They offer budget-friendly cruises where you can choose all-inclusive services and not worry about paying for individual services.
● Diverse cuisine with a mix of local and international dishes prepared by world-famous chefs.
● A large variety of entertainment zones, spa and fitness facilities, and pools.
● Specialized romantic packages which include two 3-hour Thermal Spa Passes, daily customizable cold-pressed juices, and a bottle of champagne to help you celebrate the special moment.

Best Cruises For Honeymoon Holland America

Holland America Cruises

Why you should book your honeymoon with Holland America Cruises:

● Smaller ships provide more intimacy and privacy than larger ships with more people and fewer bonding zones.
● Semi-antique setting on some ships helps create a more sophisticated and classy atmosphere.
● Large staterooms with quality and personalized service.
● Large cuisine…whether you are looking for a light snack or a large meal.
● Live music where you can go for a “music walk” to just create an intimate moment with each other.
● Honeymoon packages which include a bouquet of flowers, sparkling wine or champagne, massages, chocolate-covered strawberries, complimentary robes, and afternoon tea.

Celebrity Cruises

Why you should book your honeymoon with Celebrity Cruises:

● Sophistication and class at the highest level as the services onboard are nothing short of luxury.
● The suites in The Retreat include access to exclusive services such as a private lounge, an assigned team of attendants, and concierges to take care of your every need onboard.
● You have access to martini bars, great food, and fun zones to relax and chill.
● Honeymoon packages include champagne, wine pairing for two, free WiFi, officer’s lunch for two, and an inside access tour.

Cunard Line

Why you should book your honeymoon with Cunard Line:

● Has an antique setting with a touch of modern design. It features rich wood, marble, and lush fabrics, giving the atmosphere a luxurious touch.
● There is a wide variety of itineraries to choose from that take you all over the world as you explore exquisite cuisine, superb entertainment, and lots of activities to engage in.

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Silversea Cruises

Why you should book your honeymoon with Silversea Cruises:

● Luxury is at its best, with over ten small ships released by the company that travels to more than 900 destinations around the world.
● All aboard suites feature ocean views, some granting this view from private verandas.
● 1:1 guest-to-staff ratio and private butler services…relaxing and pampering services.
● Booking rate includes unlimited premium wines and liquor, gratuities, in-suite dining, and gourmet cuisine.

Royal Caribbean International

Why you should book your honeymoon with Royal Caribbean International:

● Home of the largest cruise ships in the world…the only reason you need to know is that they will have the perfect services you need to complement your honeymoon.
● Unique features and amenities to keep you engaged and entertained, such as ice skating rinks, climbing walls, and waterslides, are the perfect time to get outside your box and
have fun.
● Quality staff and specialized services.
● Romance packages for honeymooners include a room decor sign “Just Married,” champagne, mouth-watering food, comfortable staterooms, and an exciting nightlife

Carnival Cruise Lines

Why you should book your honeymoon with Carnival Cruise Lines:

● Lives up to its reputation as a party ship, so you and yours will be in for an exciting and fun honeymoon.
● Amazing features and amenities to complement your stay, such as luxurious staterooms, a variety of dining options, and personalized services from staff.
● Fun activities to engage in, such as home to the world’s first roller coaster at sea.
● All-inclusive honeymoon packages that are super affordable.
● Visits to numerous destinations around the world.
● Adult-only zones are where you can relax and unwind and create some special moments with the love of your life.

Final Thoughts on Best Cruise Lines for Honeymoon

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Being on the high seas with the one you plan to spend the rest of your life with is another level of
romance. These cruise ships have been around for years and have always ensured they created an
atmosphere that is conducive to bonding, love, peace, and relaxation.

The services onboard are top-notch, and the features and amenities are designed to create an experience like no other. A cruise for your honeymoon is perfect for getting out of your comfort zone and creating lasting memories.

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