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There is a misconception going around that introverts are so shy that they would never set foot on a cruise that will take them around the world. Well, even though introverts prefer some time alone in their own zone, it doesn’t mean they will skip a good time that will allow them to explore and be adventurous. So why not consider what the best cruise lines for introverts are and make the perfect choice.

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Just in case you never knew, introverts mainly just don’t like crowds, but there is no truth to them not wanting to have different kinds and levels of fun. Cruising could be the best way for introverts to step outside their little box and enjoy a vacation in their own way.

However, before booking a cruise, all in the name of proving the world wrong, you want to ensure you choose the cruise line that designs their schedule that suit your needs and style. Of course, one wrong move could see your entire being shambled atop the high seas.

Cruise Vacation For Introverts

A cruise experience is just like being at home, as they have amazing accommodations, food, and entertainment in one place. With this type of travel, you won’t need to do any work yourself, as everything is already catered to your needs and readily available to you.

Introverts are known to get a little exhausted easily, and a vacation can be stressful when you have to do everything yourself. A cruise, which takes care of every hustle and bustle for you, will help to minimize the onset of stress and anxiety…a feeling and experience highly welcomed by all introverts.

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Tips When Cruising As An Introvert

Introverts are reserved, so booking the right cruise could be their best feeling. If you are an introvert who has made the decision to go on a cruise, here are a few tips that could help you make the experience smooth and with minimal hassle:

  • Research the best cruise line that caters to introverts. Some cruise lines live for the party and upbeat vibes, which might be a no-no. However, you can always go for those that have a more reserved setting but do not fall short of creating a memorable experience for their guests.
  • Choose a cabin that you can feel at home in. After spending some time out on the deck or at the bar, you want to know the zone you’re heading back to will create that atmosphere of peace and serenity.
  • If you love when a particular theme organizes things, you can choose a cruise line that designs its space and itineraries based on a single or shared idea.
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  • If you are traveling with others, especially those who might be introverts, let them know your limits. It’s good that cruise lines tell you the destinations you are sailing to and the possible activities to engage in. This gives you an opportunity to detail to your travel partner when you guys can do activities together and which activities you would prefer not to engage in.

    Take, for instance, if you are a morning person; going for a walk around the ship will give you a peaceful setting as by that time most people would be asleep or resting from the busy schedule the day before. As the crowd starts to push out, you can take a step back and keep yourself reserved in your space.
  • Take items to keep you occupied. Are you the type of introvert who loves reading or listening to music? Then, you want to ensure you pack your favorite books or Kindle device and also create the song playlist that will serve you for the duration of the cruise.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable dining in the general dining areas, you can always opt to have your meal served in your stateroom (once that is available).
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Best Cruise Lines For Introverts

All cruise lines try to create an atmosphere that is comfortable for all types of travelers, and while they might want to include introverts, there are some that go a bit further than others. As an introvert, here are four cruise lines you might want to consider booking with:

Viking Cruises

As an introvert booking with Viking Cruises, here are some of the advantages you can benefit from:

  • The perfect escape from the busy occurrences of life into an atmosphere that is peaceful and relaxing.
  • Adequate space to create your private zone to unwind and do what makes you happy.
  • The ships are small enough that few people will be in your space, but they are not short on the entertainment offerings you want to engage in.
  • A mature environment as there are no kids onboard to “stress” you out.
  • Intimate dining zones for those looking for an “out the grid” dinner experience, either alone or with close company. 

Celebrity Solstice Cruises

As an introvert booking with Celebrity Solstice Cruises, here are some of the advantages you can benefit from:

  • Optimum relaxation and comfort with lots of lounge areas to unwind and meditate.
  • Quiet zones that let you steer clear of the onboard social activities and areas.
  • You have access to intimacy due to its small size and the feeling of a unique boutique hotel.
  • Onboard libraries for those who enjoy reading or are looking for a space to do a little research.
  • A variety of entertainment choices are designed to make you feel relaxed while engaging in them.

Crystal Cruises

As an introvert booking with Crystal Cruises, here are some of the advantages you can benefit from:

  • Quality service and maximum comfort to make every guest feel at home.
  • Royal treatment as the staff-to-guest ratio is close to a personal setup.
  • Older cruisers mostly travel via this cruise line, so you are free from the wild nightlife, partying, and free-ranging.
  • Introvert-based onboard activities and itineraries are designed with reserved travelers in mind. Some of the activities include wellness seminars, cooking classes, and yoga sessions.
  • Pampered vacation experience.
Best Cruise Lines for Introverts having a drink

Cunard Queen Cruises

As an introvert booking with Cunard Queen Cruises, here are some of the advantages you can benefit from:

  • Royal history as the cruise line dates back to 1840 and was the shipping company responsible for taking the British Royal Family on cruises.
  • An atmosphere that prides on elegance and class.
  • A serene design with a touch of vintage and modern – a perfect environment for meditation.
  • It is a luxurious setting with an older crowd, so you can look forward to enjoying some extra peace and quiet.
  • There is a variety of entertainment and dining options to choose from that are designed for reserved travelers.
  • Libraries and relaxation spots where you can enjoy your reading, writing, music, or just a drink.
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Final Thoughts on Best Cruise Lines For Introverts

Not only are these cruise lines designed to provide introverts with an exciting experience, but the shore visits and engagement are just as unique and enticing. You can look forward to guided tours, educational sessions, or historical trips that will help relax your mind. Cruising is not just for extroverts, so don’t let that myth stop you from having probably the best time of your life.

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