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Jamaica is a gem in the Caribbean, with so much greatness happening within the four corners of this little country lying in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. Cruisers have never had any regrets about gracing the beautiful tropical island with its adventure motto…. “The Land of Wood and Water”. It is important to find the best cruise lines for Jamaica that fit the needs and wants of you and your companions.

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The beautiful shores of the little Caribbean island glistening in the rays of the sun as the ships sail in from a distance is beyond breathtaking…if that is even possible. A true experience of this island and its culture is best explored the moment you step off the ship and start cruising around the nature-themed coastal regions and every city with its own intriguing history worth learning about.

Jamaica is the home of reggae and the birthplace of the world-renowned Bob Marley, so you know there is much to explore in this tropical paradise. As the ships are sailed to the different ports, you will be greeted with reef-lined sandy beaches, tropical rainforests, and some tasty rum punch.

Jamaica has about five major ports that are fully equipped to handle the arrival of all-size ships, with the north coast, Ocho Rios, being the largest port and home to some of the best attractions on the island. The entire Jamaica is attractive for every type of traveler, as golf lovers will love everything about Montego Bay.

At the same time, Kingston will provide you with a rich history of some of Jamaica’s best offerings. Let’s not forget…Jamaica is also home to the famous Olympians Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce. But with all the goodness in the media about Jamaica, coming here will provide you with a more in-depth experience like you have never received before.

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Cruising To Jamaica

Numerous cruise lines have an itinerary that includes a few stops in Jamaica, some of which are popular brands. Bear in mind, however, that many cruise lines that come to Jamaica depart from the United States. Some cruise lines, such as MSC, offer more than 50 cruises to Jamaica, the perfect sign you need to understand why coming to Jamaica is a huge hype.

Jamaica has more than enough activities to engage adventure lovers or those looking for a relaxing experience outside their usual zone. Without a doubt, Jamaica has it all, no matter the time of year you choose to book a cruise to the island.

Many travelers consider Ocho Rios as the best port to visit, as it gives the easiest access to two of Jamaica’s prime attraction sites…Dunn’s River Falls and Mystic Mountains. You can indulge in activities such as horse riding on the beach, zip-lining, and bobsledding.

The activities on the island are limitless, as there is also the possibility of going for a rafting cruise down one or more of the country’s biggest and longest rivers. The island’s culture is superb, and every too often, people leave the island desiring to come back without second-guessing.

When Is Best To Cruise To Jamaica?

Many travelers want to escape their country during the winter season, and Jamaica, of course, being a tropical island, is a prime location. The start of December to the end of June or early July is a great time to be on the island, as the weather is perfect for a day at the beach or touring the local markets and attraction sites.

While September and August could be a great time to visit, it is recommended to watch out for the active hurricane season, which is usually busiest during these months…the entire Caribbean, for that matter!

Best Cruise Lines for Jamaica Holland America

Cruise Lines To Book With To Travel To Jamaica

No matter the type of traveler you are, there is a cruise line and ship that is tailored to serve you with an experience that is unmatched. Of course, you will be stopping in Jamaica, so that just makes the experience more worthwhile.

Cruise Line For Solo Travelers – Holland America

There is a myth that traveling alone will not be much fun, but the moment you step foot onboard a ship from Holland America’s fleet, you will see that myth being debunked. For solo travelers, Holland America is one of the best choices, as the features and amenities onboard are designed to give you a unique experience.

What’s better than going for a bamboo raft down the river, with fresh jelly chopped from the tree and some reggae music resounding in the background? Everything with this trip will be amazing. With an oceanview solo stateroom onboard, you will get to see the beautiful backdrop of the mountains beyond the sea.

Other interesting features and amenities are onboard to complement your trip, such as a fitness center, spa, diverse dining options, and shopping centers. Enjoy a full day or two in Jamaica, and the refreshing feeling you will get will keep you energized and going for a long time.

Cruise Line For Thrill Seekers – Royal Caribbean

Royal Cruise’s Independence of the Seas sails to Falmouth, Jamaica, and is one of the ships that sail to Jamaica that is bound to give you an unforgettable experience with modern features and amenities onboard. As your ship docks in Jamaica, enjoy adventurous activities such as swimming, snorkeling, bobsledding, rafting, and zip-lining.

The cruise line makes the day available to enjoy some of Jamaica’s best offerings, like their fruits and vegetables, famous beef patty, jerk pork, and jerk chicken. There is so much to explore in the northern parish, and the locals you encounter along the way will ensure you have the time of your life with the cultural heritage Jamaica is known for.

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Cruise Line For Families – MSC

If you are cruising with your family, then MSC is the way to go, as they have something for everyone. With over 50 cruises to Jamaica, there is more than enough time for you to engage in every fun activity the island offers its visitors.

The Caribbean vacation offered by MSC is unlike any other cruise line, as the moment you step on the shores of Jamaica, you praise the cruise line for taking you to this peaceful haven of lush vegetation, great food and music, fun people, and adventurous activities that are limitless.

Sailing to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, onboard a ship that offers quality service like a fitness center, spa, kids’ center, pools, and great dining experience, you can look forward to a double blessing of excitement both onboard and off.

You can choose from various excursions offered along the north coast that will leave you feeling rejuvenated when it’s time to go back to the ship. Whether you choose to go on a food-themed, nature-themed, or one filled with lots of adventurous activities, there is something for every family member.

Small Ship Cruising – Viking Cruises

Jamaica is one of the best tropical locations to be if you are looking for an intimate experience like no other. Onboard Viking’s Viking Star, you will have a more private setting as the ship is one of the smaller options that sail to Jamaica.

It carries about 930 guests, so you know there won’t be too many people to encounter with. Viking Cruises is perfect for introverts who desire to have a good time without having to deal with a lot of people in their space. Their features and amenities are top-notch and cater to your travel needs.

This particular cruise line focuses deeply on enriching its guests, so you will have an eventful tour of the tropical island you are sailing to…you can choose guided tours if you desire.

Best Cruise Lines for Jamaica dune buggy excursion

Cruise Line For Partying – Carnival Cruises

Of course, we couldn’t end this list without adding Carnival Cruises, as they are the party machine on the high seas, sailing to the party capital of the Caribbean. Carnival Cruises sail from Florida and docks in Ocho Rios and Montego Bay in Jamaica, allowing you to explore the country’s beauty and culture.

The ship’s stop in Ocho Rios gives passengers the chance to engage in some thrilling fun as they climb atop the 600-foot Dunn’s River Falls. Passengers could also choose to ride a dune buggy that takes them through the hilly terrains of the country, go for a little swim with the dolphins, get some craft items that tell the story of Jamaica, or relax on the beach and enjoy some good ole’ sunshine.

Just know the vibes you enjoy onboard are the same, and more you will experience as you tour the different cities and communities on the island.

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Final Thoughts for Best Cruise Lines For Jamaica

Cruising to Jamaica is unlike any experience you will get when cruising elsewhere, as the vibes and connection you feel there give that homely touch. There is so much to explore on the island, and we can tell you that a single day on the island from any of the cruise lines noted above will have you booking another cruise to this little gem in the Caribbean…way ahead of time.

The cruise lines will provide the features and amenities to complement your trip, and the memories you will create are beyond mesmerizing. What are you waiting for? Book your next cruise to the land of wood and water…where culture tells the country’s rich heritage and the vibes are just right!

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