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Gone are the days when parents have to wonder if they can take their toddlers on a cruise with them because they can now give them the same exciting experience they are setting themselves up for. The best cruise lines with toddlers cater to children from at least six months old and have designed their amenities and features in the most child-friendly way possible.

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Lots of cruise lines have playgrounds, strollers, complementary cribs, kids’ zones, and much more just for kids whose parents want to take them on a cool vacation. If you are looking for the best cruise lines with toddlers, here are a few that have your back.

Carnival Cruises

Carnival Cruises is always known to be one of the best cruise lines with toddlers. The line’s ships are equipped with daily activities catered for kids as there are loads of programs for them to engage in.

One of the good things about these programs is that kids don’t have to be fully potty-trained, but kids need to provide toiletries and diapers for their babies. They have a program known as Camp Ocean, which is run by the youth staff onboard, and parents can leave their toddlers under two years in their care. If parents desire to stay, the service might be free, but if they are leaving the kids, it will come at a small fee.

There is also a night program that allows parents to leave their children from 6 months to 11 years so they can have adult time out on the deck or at any other event onboard.

Celebrity Cruises

On Celebrity Cruises, there is a free daily Toddler Time that allows children under three years to participate in as many child-friendly games as they desire…with their parents accompanying them. You can spend the afternoon bonding with your little one around interactive games and videos or help them create friendships with other children their age.

If your kids aren’t potty trained, no worries, they have lots of changing tables and baby wipes available for use. If you want to travel with your child to other parts of the ship but need something to keep them entertained, you can make use of the cruise line’s Fat Brain Toy Lending Program. This allows you to check out toys and books from the child program and return them whenever you are finished. 

Interestingly, you can benefit from private, in-suite babysitting services that come with a fee and must be requested at least 24 hours in advance. The service can accommodate up to three children who are at least one year old.

However, a parent needs to be onboard during these babysitting services (more or likely for emergency contact), especially if it is a port day. You should confirm this information with the information desk as they have updated the service offerings due to health concerns, especially from the onset of the Coronavirus outbreak.

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Cunard Cruise Line

Cunard Cruises offers a free Night Nursery from 6 pm to 11 pm so parents or guardians can go out and enjoy themselves a little bit. The program accommodates children from 6 months up to 2 years. Parents can rest assured that their little bundles of joy are in great hands whether they are there for playing or just grabbing a nap.

The program keeps parents fully active in the process, as once the child wakes up, parents are notified via a pager system. For kids 2 to 7 years, the Youth Staff will go above and beyond to keep them fully entertained with the myriad of books, games, toys, and interactive videos. The cruise line does not offer in-stateroom babysitting services.

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Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line has a program named “It’s a Small World,” which caters to caring for children from as young as six months up to 3 years old. A connective phone system keeps childcare staff and parents connected so they can keep track of everything that’s going on. While parents supply the necessary items to care for their toddlers, the program counselors will do the rest in feeding, changing, and keeping the child entertained.

However, it is recommended to request this service in advance so they can put the necessary plans in place to accommodate your child in the care program.

Toddler Time gives parents the opportunity to bond with their child onboard and engage in some fun games and activities, and the Disney Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab is open for kids under 3 to enjoy with their parents.

There are also lots of other family-focused activities onboard for the entire family, and features and amenities like dining, pool, and more are available for everyone to enjoy. In-stateroom babysitting is currently not available.

Disney Oceaneers Club

MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises allow kids under three years to enjoy their time onboard with the latest Chicco toys during Baby Time sessions that they can engage in with their parents. On the line’s ship, Seaside, their kids’ program, Baby Club, is designed for tots three years and under and is the largest on any of the line’s ships.

There are lots of games and toys to play with, interactive and educational sessions, and much more are also available, and we can guarantee your little ones will love them. Aside from the childcare centers, there are also lots of other family-friendly activities for everyone to engage in that they will all love.

The Babycare Service provides free babysitting for kids 12 months to 3 years old…the care staff is dedicated to making your toddlers as comfortable as life can get in a new environment. You can utilize this service for limited hours, especially on days when you go for shore excursions, just that you have to book a day in advance. The cruise line does not offer in-stateroom babysitting services.

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Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean provides your toddlers with an exciting and memorable trip that will make them want to always go on vacation with you the moment you mention the word cruise. On board Royal Caribbean’s ships, there are fun and educational activities that will not only keep them entertained but also open their minds to learning new things at their tender ages.

The onboard Youth Staff hosts the interactive programs, and a parent or guardian must be present during the free sessions. Not every ship has the same program hours, so you have to check with the information team to determine the offerings and which works best for you.

You are required to make your request for the service in advance, and with the two age groups for the programs…6 months to 18 months and 18 months to 36 months, you will have an idea of what your child will be engaged in and whether you are there or engaging in other adult-only activities.

With a ratio of 1:3 or 1:4 for toddlers, you know your child is in good hands, and while parents provide the necessary supplies, the caregivers will do the feeding and changing for you.

In addition to the nursery and childcare programs these cruise lines offer, the other features and amenities onboard are designed with your child in mind. Whether you are looking to take them for a tour around the ship, sit on the deck by the pool, or indulge in a great dining experience, the child-friendly atmosphere could not be more than you desire.

For additional information on what the best cruise lines with toddlers offer, you can reach out to their information desk. 

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