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How much do you know about Australia or New Zealand? Living there but have not seen most of it from a different angle than you’re used to traveling? Well, a tour along the sea will have you exploring these regions and helping you to discover so much more than you had ever believed existed here.

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Some of the most amazing and prestigious cruise lines to Australia and New Zealand will provide you with an adventurous tour along the country’s coastline and also allow you to take a shore tour of some of the most historic regions in the country.

So, which ships are best to take you across Australia and New Zealand in style for the best deals and with some of the most intriguing features and amenities? Let’s help narrow your choice to some of the best based on reviews and the services they offer.

Carnival Cruises

Carnival Cruise Line has been a great family cruise option since 1972 and has never failed to provide quality services to their guests. They have programs onboard, which are great for the entire family, especially kids and youth programs.

The entertainment never ends as they feature dance shows and gaming centers like casinos and mini golf courses. Their dining program is amazing, with a mix of local and international cuisine to satisfy your taste buds. They have itineraries that will help you to see so many places and dive deep into some intriguing cultures.

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Royal Caribbean

One of the best parts about sailing on Royal Caribbean Cruises is that it is a family line which means no one will be left behind. Getting on board and getting a feel of their entertainment options will have you booking another ticket the moment you get off.

You will get the opportunity to explore the seas in spacious and comfortable rooms that have their own personal butler. The dining experience is dynamic and superb, and you get to eat at whatever restaurant your tastebuds crave at any time.

Want a bite of some comfort food? Why not make your own hot dogs at Dog House or a bit of grill from one of the other restaurants?

Princess Cruises

Looking for that traditional cruising experience? Well, Princess Cruises could be one of your best bets but also with a touch of modernity and loads of fun. Interestingly, you can have your friends and family board the ship while you are at port for just a small fee.

The experience onboard is exquisite as you get to dine and watch your favorite movies under the stars on their deck. After a great meal from famous chef Curtis Stone’s menu, you will get a chance to see the nightlife setting of both countries from a great view.

Some of the ships in this line that sails to Australia and New Zealand include Sea Princess, Golden Princess, Sun Princess, and Dawn Princess.

Best Cruise Lines For Australia and New Zealand Sea Princess

Celebrity Cruises

Are you on a budget but need a cruise that will provide you with style, comfort, personal service, and quality? Then add Celebrity Cruises to your list of choices. They aim to provide you with personalized service with endless fun and activities to keep you entertained.

Their itineraries are diverse and will help you cover a lot of historical sites in these countries and explore the various cultural settings within these borders. You are in for a great dining experience, including fresh seafood and wine, and other drinks available throughout the day.

Interestingly, Celebrity Cruises has drink packages that you can engage in for additional costs that will make you love their cruises.

Holland America

Holland America

If you are looking for a cruise line that doesn’t cling so much to parties or full-on active activities, then Holland America Cruise Line might be a good option for you. While they have activities to keep you entertained for the duration of their itineraries, they are more on the side of traditional sailing with a touch of exploring culture and traditions.

Their ships boast a bit of vintage style, with many saying they are more for older or experienced sea travelers. Their shore excursions will cover quite a lot, so you are in for a full-package tour while onshore. The experience will have you connecting with locals, so you are sure to learn a lot.

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Let us not forget their dining options…your taste buds will love you more with every bite you take. They also have special drink packages you can purchase to help make your tour more exciting.

You can choose from other cruise lines to get you on and around the shores of Australia and New Zealand in style, class, and comfort. You can choose the ships that best suit your adventure needs as they have lots of activities to keep you entertained. The itineraries range in length, so you can choose which is more flexible for you.

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