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Sailing the seas is one of the best feelings ever as the journey is different and sophisticated, and you get to explore and experience so much that the other side of the world has to offer. Many people stick to the saying that cruising is mostly for elderly people, but there is certainly no truth to that myth. In the past few years, the best cruise lines have wanted to attract college students, and we can safely say they are winning the game!

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More and more young people are opting for a cruise compared to an air flight to another country and only getting to taste the culture of a single place. One such group is college students! They are using this means of travel as a way to meet new people, have fun, and explore the culture and diversity other places in the world have to offer. But why would a college student consider cruising to be fun?

Why College Students Should Opt For Cruising

Cruising is a fun and affordable way to go on a stress-free, diverse vacation with everything you are looking for during that time. There are endless activities to keep one entertained while onboard, such as their nightlife experience, live shows, music sessions, and lots more.

It’s a great way to take a break from school (just to clear your head and work on your mental health!), meet new people from around the world, and create connections that may help you greatly in the future.

What Should A College Student Look For In A  Cruise?

Now that you understand how fun the whole idea of being on the sea is, what exactly should you look for before booking that ultimate trip? Bear in mind every cruise line does not provide the same experience, so a little research could go a long way in understanding what each one has to offer.

Are you looking for something specific? Well, you could weigh the pros and cons and then determine what best fits your league. However, you might want to consider.

Best Cruise Lines for College Students cost is a consideration
  • Pricing – an important factor, as while you want to have the time of your life, you want to ensure you do not go too far out of your college budget. Each cruise line offers some great deals year-round, so you can always keep watch of the offers and jump on them whenever they come around.

    Oftentimes, the cheaper cruise lines are those that attract the youngest people, so you can count on the fun being endless…not saying the older folks aren’t fun too!
  • Itinerary – cruising gives you the benefit of seeing loads of places in a single trip, so this is another great reason why opting for a cruise is exciting. Each cruise line’s ship has different itineraries, so you can always check them out to see what they offer and if it interests you.

    From what we have seen, cruises that tend to sail to the Caribbean often attract the party crowd because they note the vibes never end in that region. For instance, traveling to the Bahamas may offer you the opportunity to relax on the cruise’s private island…what a great bargain!

    Those who have traveled to the Caribbean before, they would highly recommend going to the Caribbean for those traveling for the first time.
  • Time of the Year – While people travel all year round, the winter or summer breaks often see lots of young people traveling, so you may want to keep that in mind.

Cruise Lines To Choose

Now that you have an idea why going on a cruise is a good choice for that break from school, here are a few of the best cruise lines for college students you can consider booking.

Carnival Cruise Line

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Carnival Cruises have your back if you are looking for a value-packed vacation at an affordable cost but with a great itinerary. The cruise line is known to be lots of fun and attracts those who are looking for a great time.

Whether you are looking for a short 3-5 day trip or something longer, they have just what you need. They have day and night activities to keep you fully entertained and features and amenities such as water slides, a roller coaster, hot tubs, pools, bars, and many restaurants to keep your taste buds active.

In addition, those who are 18 and over can always enjoy a few games at the casino or have a little drink permitted for your age (mostly age 21 and up). There are multiple ships to choose from in the line so check out their features and amenities to see which one you prefer.

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Norwegian Cruise Lines

Norwegian Cruise Line provides a fun and enticing atmosphere for college students and young adults alike. While they may have a little higher price than some of the other cruise lines, their packages are all worth the purchase, and you will have no regrets.

Some of their fun activities include go-kart tracks, laser tags, and waterslides. The dining options are endless, so you can definitely look forward to some great food onboard. Whether you are a solo traveler or you are going with friends, the experience is amazing, and you will love everything about this cruise line.

Want to hit the party deck? You may want to book a summer cruise…the vibes are always on during this time.

skating rink

Royal Caribbean Cruises

Royal Caribbean Cruises has some of the largest ships in the world, so just imagine the endless fun you are about to have onboard. Some ships in the line feature a great dining room, pizza shops, a skating rink, zip lines, giant hot tubs, and so much more.

Each ship’s itinerary differs, and you can always choose between a 3, 4, or 5-day cruise. You can select from their vast itineraries, and their activities onboard are enough to keep you fully entertained for the entire trip.

Celebrity Cruises

Are you stressed out from school and need a little break to relax, unwind, and clear your mind, even for a few days? Celebrity Cruises has a package that can satisfy the need for a great time. While this cruise line tends to attract a full mature crowd, you can still expect to enjoy some great onboard activities.

Partying is good and fun but basking in the cool and refreshing breeze coming off the ocean is something to behold. The staff is great and will help to create that “home away from” experience.

With unlimited drinks and food, you and your friends can create that lasting memory, especially when you can visit numerous locations in one trip.

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Final Thoughts on Best Cruise Lines for College Students

So, are you in for a great vacation away from everything that stresses you out? Well, a cruise could be the ideal option to go for. The fun never stops, plus the cost won’t throw you out of your budget so much.

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