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No matter the type of travel you are going for, food is always an important part of the journey. After all, what better experience could there be than going on a great adventure trail and having your taste buds also get a taste of greatness? Some of the sweetest tastes are offered on cruises with different categories to scroll through. Cruise vacations are on the rise, and with the popularity comes the need to provide the best cruise line for dining with sumptuous dishes, or your ratings may go down.

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Cruise lines work overtime to provide cruisers with the best experience in terms of having some cool features and amenities. As for the dining side of it, there are no exceptions to making it one of the main reasons for having repeat travelers. Lots of cruisers travel on a budget, and while some cruise lines cover the cost of the average meal, some specialty dining comes at an extra cost.

Everyone has different tastes, so having a general review can sometimes be hard. As such, we have done some research on the different types of dining experiences and have decided to group the cruise lines under the following categories…

  1. Mainstream Food Cruise Lines
  2. Premium Food Cruise Lines
  3. Luxury Food Cruise Lines

Cruise Line Dining Mainstream Options

There are some cruise line dining experiences that offer a variety of food options, including different restaurants and dining selections. Mainstream cruise lines usually boast larger ships that carry up to and over 5000 passengers at a time. They feature specialty restaurants, but while lots of amenities and other forms of entertainment are included in the package, there could be an additional cost associated with some of the features you request…even with the food.

If you are on a budget but need a great dining experience, here are some of the cruise options you can go for (everyone may have a different taste and, say, based on the food offerings).

Carnival Cruise Line

Many people note that Carnival Cruises is not necessarily the best, but again we have to say everyone’s taste is different because we can’t seem to agree with that statement. Carnival Cruises is one of the most budget-friendly cruise lines for food lovers.

The cruise line is known to complement its passenger’s love for food with great itineraries, so travelers get to explore a whole lot of different cultures in one package. They offer you the experience of choosing what you want to eat as they have a variety of restaurants onboard.

For us, we would recommend you try Guy’s Burger Joint, as they never fail to hook you up with a delicious burger you have never had before. In addition, Blue Iguana has a mouth-watering serving of fish tacos to create that new experience of eating for you. Want to try a more “upscale” setting? Well, Fahrenheit 555 has everything you are looking for.

Guy's Burger Joint

Disney Cruise Line

Being a family-friendly cruise line, you know for sure their food serving will be diverse to satisfy every member of the family. In addition to meeting some of your favorite Disney characters, you can always enjoy the Disney-themed restaurants onboard with a serving of some delicacies you may have watched in their films.

This cruise line also focuses on customizing its menus to reflect a more “modern-day” kitchen style…similar to those of specialty restaurants you know when getting around town.

For us, we would recommend you try Remy’s…a Disney Ratatouille-themed French specialty restaurant. They are perfect for those looking to experience a fine-dining setting with seven-course meals and wine. You might have to pay a little extra for this restaurant, especially if you have requirements outside of what they offer.

Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises prides itself on covering a wide array of dishes from different cultures around the world. They are among the only cruise lines to offer passengers a mixed-style main dining experience. Each ship has its different setting, with some offering set times for meals in each restaurant while others allow you to eat freely (whenever you feel for something to eat).

Interestingly, Princess Cruises could be considered the best cruise line to offer tasty and authentic-style pizzas while at sea as they offer their legendary Neapolitan-style pizzas with multiple toppings. One of the best aspects of these pizzerias…you can munch on some of the thin-crust pies for free!

For us, we would recommend you to try the Horizon Bistro or their casual eateries like Alfredo.

Best Cruise Line for Dining NCL

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruises offers a more “freestyle” type of dining experience even though they do feature fine dining settings. They have a culture of mixing their meal times and dress code to try and make passengers more relaxed and comfortable.

You can enjoy some great food from the likes of famous chefs such as Zakarian and Iron Chef Jose Garces, who prepare every food not only with fame but with a passion so your taste buds will always be craving for more. They have mixed cuisine from different cultures, so that is definitely a plus for travelers.

For us, we would recommend you try Ocean Blue and Cagney’s restaurants if you are looking to get the full package treat for your craving taste buds.

Royal Caribbean Cruises

Royal Caribbean Cruises is one of the standout cruise lines in the industry that never fails to excite passengers with its wide array of dining styles and options. Being the cruise line with the largest ship in the world, Symphony of the Seas, they have never failed at impressing not only with the amazing food but the whole dining experience…location and everything!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be served by robots? Sounds different and intriguing, right? Well, there are bars where your cocktails are mixed by robots…a feature that is different and unique in its own world.

For the casual eater, you can always make a stop at their eateries like Cupcake Cupboard, which features stocks of extra-large cupcakes with all types of interesting frostings. You can also try Ben and Jerry’s, where your craving for ice cream will definitely be satisfied.

For us, we would recommend you try Michael’s Genuine Pub and Jamie’s Italian, which are above standard and will give you more than the dining experience you are looking for. The decor and theme of these restaurants are worth writing home about.

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Cruise Line Dining Premium Options

Are you looking for a great vacation option with a package that offers you some great dining experiences, features, and amenities to complement your travel and just about everything included in your fare? Well, cruises are the ultimate choice as they offer a wide variety of features for you to choose from.

Premium cruise lines tend to offer smaller and more private settings for cruisers and high-quality service. While they have casual setups, especially with dining, you can definitely look forward to their specialty restaurants and the servings they offer.

After careful research and lots of getting around, here is one cruise line you can expect to serve you with premium class.

Windstar Cruises

Windstar presents travelers with that romantic getaway experience while not cutting short on the adventure there is to explore. The cruise line is known to partner with famous chefs that allow cruisers to not only dine in set restaurants but also get a grand tour with these chefs, sample their amazing delicacies as they prepare, and even try new flavors in the process. You can rest assured the cruise line is not all about itself as they support local economies to stock its local-theme cuisine.

For us, we would recommend you try Candles, a restaurant to create that ambiance for romance for you and your loved one. In addition, their deck barbecue is a must-try, as they do this on every cruise and the flavors never seem to leave you.

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Luxury Option

When you hear of luxury settings, class, elegance, beauty, sophistication, and lasting memory come to mind, and these cruise lines live up to giving the best to all travelers at all times. Lots of the ships in these cruise lines offer a higher crew-to-passenger ratio, so you can imagine the level of quality service that awaits.

In addition, their all-inclusive features make them more welcoming for many travelers as they are now in for something different without having to worry about any extra cost or worries for anything. While these cruise lines might be a lot more expensive than the others, the service and experience you receive are more than worth the price you paid.

So, for food lovers, which cruise lines should you consider to get nothing short of taste bud satisfaction? Here are a few of our picks…

Crystal Cruises

Crystal Cruises is a cut above the rest when it comes to serving up class and sophistication to its passengers…especially those food lovers. Whether you are a huge fan of beer or wine or you want to get your teeth grinding some flavorful delicacies, they have everything waiting for you. Furthermore, the cruise line’s partnership with the likes of famous chefs Nobu Matsuhisa and Piero Selvaggio is a stepping edge for their kitchen offerings.

For us, we recommend you try Silk Road and Sushi Bar, which serves some of the best-tasting sushi you will ever have at sea and on land.

Best Cruise Line for Dining Crystal Cruises

Silversea Cruises

Silversea Cruises deserves its spot in this category because for those who have experienced a taste of their Relais & Châteaux L’Ecole des Chefs cooking offerings…we are sure they have nothing less than the best to say.

The cooking school not only prepares your favorite delicacies but they allow you to get in on the action to learn some skills of your own to take back to your kitchen. Just imagine learning how to prepare and then indulging in a full-course meal with every flavor bursting in your head…what more do you ask for.

For us, we would recommend you to try Le Champagne’s chic French fare as not only does it offer an exclusive white-glove service, but the food is out of this world.

Have you ever tried any of the food offerings on these cruise lines? What was your experience like, and if we have not highlighted your choice of great dining experience, let us know which cruise line you have had your best shot yet.

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