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If you are in for an adventurous trip on the seas…then Antarctica could be an ideal location. It is not your average destination as it is considered “far-fetched” for many people. However, you encounter less crowded ports and lots of intriguing wonders, and the sightseeing experience is endless. The intensity of a trip to this region has given the best cruise lines for Antarctica the opportunity to offer cruisers a more complex yet satisfying part of the world they don’t encounter on a daily basis.

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Speaking of itineraries, the activities are out of this world…especially the idea of mountaineering. Bear in mind, though, these regions are cold, so port activities and excursions might be altered by weather conditions. Mother Nature runs the course here, which makes the trip more exciting as you never know what awaits you.

But which cruise lines can take you around the white ends of the world and Antarctica? We have done some research and have made it easy for you…to choose which one you desire.

Abercrombie & Kent (A&K)

Abercrombie & Kent is a tour operator that focuses on providing luxury trips to the Antarctic region. In 25 years, they have covered more than 200 polar expeditions…a dream come through for every adventure lover. This cruise will provide you with some great amenities, such as great dining, a drink, an amazing spa, a pool, and fantastic customer service. They offer subject-matter experts to provide lectures to all ready to learn about the unknown, making them stand out from many other cruise lines.

If you are that cruiser that enjoys an all-inclusive setting, staterooms with balconies, and sightseeing, then A&K is one of the best deals you can go for. This cruise line provides an exclusive setup with personalized service and post-cruise extension offers. It is also a great cruise line for the entire family, especially during the winter, as they boast many youth-based activities and excursions.

Their itineraries usually run for 13 and 18 days, and their trips are relatively affordable compared to many other luxury cruise lines that do the same excursions. You are in for a treat while sailing the seas with Abercrombie & Kent.

Best Cruise Lines for Antarctica Abercrombie & Kent

Seabourn Cruises

Seabourn Cruises has been known for its luxurious setup and quality service being offered to its guests. Its amenities are out of this world and are classy compared to many other ships touring the same regions. You can consider Seabourn to be like an “exclusive ski resort with added style and comfort”. It was designed to accommodate the conditions of polar excursions with ease.

The staff is dedicated to providing each guest with the best service to complement their all-inclusive features and amenities. Not to mention their free-flowing alcohol and caviar…that’s a major hit for them.

Seabourn Cruises is great for everyone looking for adventure outside of the usual spots. Always wondered what the white world looked like and what a tour experience would be like? Let Seabourn Cruises take you along that journey. Itineraries usually last for 13 days, five of which are used to get a full scope of Antarctica through kayaking, trekking, and other forms of sightseeing.

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Scenic Cruises

Scenic has been providing quality and exclusive river cruises since 2008 and has created some amazing experiences for sea travelers. The cruise line has ships that have some of the most intriguing features and amenities, such as a gym, yoga, and pilates studio, bars, mini lounges, kayaks for sea activities, great dining spots, and much more.

You are in for a full-package tour with their team of polar specialists who will guide you through an excellent cruise session. Cruisers seeking a luxury environment aboard the sea will love this line. Also, if you’re looking for a different kind of Antarctic travel experience, then Scenic Cruises can provide this and much more.

Best Cruise Lines for Antarctica Falkland Islands

Their itineraries run anywhere from 13 to 22 days, and you will be in the hands of capable and pampering butlers. Some of their voyages take you to locations such as Buenos Aires, South Georgia, and the Falkland Islands.

Silversea Expeditions

Silverseas provide sea travelers with an ultra-luxury setting that will help them create an extraordinary experience. The ships in their line will take you all across Antarctica with some of the best features and amenities to complement your journey.

These cruises are all-inclusive, so you are in for a “home away from home” experience. Indulge in the comfort of luxury while on the sea as you embrace nature and unwind from the stresses of life. Everybody who boards a Silversea ship will love the experience, as the adventure is endless.

Their 10 to 18-day itineraries are packed with loads of activities to make your vacation a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Viking Cruises

Viking Cruises

Viking’s custom-built vessels are a cut above the rest, providing luxury-style expeditions to adventure locations such as Antarctica. The vessels are decked with amazing features and amenities to give you the best experience as you take in the best of what nature offers. You will be super comfortable in their staterooms and suites with heated floors and spacious baths.

Afraid of the sea but desiring a unique experience? Viking Cruises provide cruisers with a sheltered Hangar that allows them to get in and out of special operations boats that grant access to the ships.

Capture the best of nature from the ship or via their kayaks that give you a more personalized connection with the seas. Most itineraries run from 13 to 19 days, so you are in for an adventurous treat.

Hurtigruten Expeditions

Hurtigruten Expeditions are among the best choices to take you to and from Antarctica while creating that once-in-a-lifetime experience. Their price ranges are quite affordable for the experience you are about to come in contact with. Their features and amenities are amazing and spell everything comfortable and classy. Their ships are decked with private outdoor jacuzzis, private cabins, spas, lounges, and a great dining location.

Those looking for adventure will not think twice about Hurtigruten tours, as their itineraries are packed with activities for every traveler. Whether you are looking for a short or extended vacation tour, this cruise line has you covered.

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Final Thoughts on Best Cruise Lines For Antarctica

There are countless amounts of cruise lines that grace the shorelines of Antarctica, and they are all designed to provide you with adventures like no other. Their features and amenities are great and will provide you with that home experience while sailing the seas. Antarctica provides a different experience from the “springtime setting” you are used to and this will make it even better.

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