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Who said babies can’t enjoy life on the seas just as much as the rest of the family does? Well, if you are one of those people…it’s time to debunk that misconception because cruise lines have changed the way they provide adventure to the entire family. There are tons of cruise lines to take baby on, that cater to not only the needs of adults and older children but also babies and toddlers.

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Furthermore, cruise lines are adding new ships over time which come with more advanced features that cater to the needs of babies enjoying their time in a different environment. It might be hard to choose between the number of cruise lines available for the family setting.

But after careful checks, research, reviews, and first-hand experience, we have compiled a list of some of the best cruise lines to book with a baby if you are looking for a smooth sailing. Interestingly, some ships offer adult-only time onboard, but you might be wondering…what if it is a young family with a baby?

Well, you don’t have to worry about that, as there are services to keep your baby in a safe and secure setting with trained caregivers.

So, what are the best cruise lines with a baby that a family should look for when planning their cruise vacation? Here are a few cool ones to check out:

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Disney Cruise Line

Disney has an age limit that states babies must be at least 6 months to travel with the cruise line, while some ships indicate the child must be at least 12 months. The cruise line is designed with staterooms that are spacious to accommodate the entire family in style…some allowing up to seven people to sleep in.

Access to multiple baby amenities will make the trip much easier for families traveling with an infant, such as bottle warmers and sterilizers, playpens, diaper disposal units, Pack ‘n Play portable cribs, cribs, and much more.

If you require any additional services, you can easily request them through the stateroom host or hostess. Interestingly, complementary strollers are also on board, and all dining areas are equipped with high chairs to accommodate your little bundles of joy easily.

Forgot to pack their rash cream in their luggage and can’t do without it? The onboard shops are there to your rescue, as you can purchase from the shops. The kitchen staff is also ready to provide puree services for your babies once you request it…just imagine…your baby getting the VIP treatment they so much deserve.

For parents who need to have some private time alone, you can take baby to the cruise lines “It’s a Small World” nursery that accommodates children from as young as 6 months up to age 3. The hourly rates are amazing, and the operating hours, too, are superb and give you enough time to explore so much on your trip.

There are numerous interactive games, videos, and toys they can engage with while having the time of their lives. Older children also have access to their fun center, which has everything to keep them entertained.

Best Cruise Lines with Baby kids activities

MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises accommodates children of all ages, but they recommend speaking with your pediatrician before you book your cruise to see if all is well with you traveling with your baby under 12 months. Once all is confirmed, and you are good to go with your baby, the cruise lines will provide all the features and amenities to make your trip one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

Whether you are looking to travel on the ship itself or experience the exclusive MSC Yacht Club experience (a ship in a ship setting), there are services to accommodate your infant without any issues, as you can request all the tools needed, such as cribs and playpens.

Children under 2 years of age can access the Baby Club, as this is just one of the many options for children onboard the cruise line’s ships. The babysitting hours vary by ship, so you have to consult with the youth program to know their available hours and services.

Aside from that, everything you need for a smooth sail with your baby is right onboard as the cruise line desires to make every family have the best experience and always have the urge to book again.

The staterooms are child-friendly, the dining venues cater to accommodating your babies with highchairs and baby-friendly menus, and even after hours, if they get hungry, room service is 24 hours, so your baby’s food is just a call away…the staff doesn’t mind at all. A bonus – for excursions, children 2 years and younger can accompany you for free while older children can benefit from a 30 percent discount.

Best Cruise Lines with Baby ocean view stateroom

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruise Lines requires a baby to be at least 6 months old, while some fleet ships require toddlers to be at least 12 months old.

To start, the Veranda Staterooms are the best options for parents traveling with infants as it provides them with lots of flexibility to bask in the freshness from the ocean while their young ones are asleep or they desire to take them out for a glimpse of the beauty of nature. You can also get an Ocean-View Stateroom for additional exclusivity during your trip.

The kids’ programs and services are amazing as they provide just about everything needed to make your baby’s trip as comfortable as possible. All the tools you need are available at their babysitting center, and the cost to use the service is quite affordable for the service you will receive.

Is your baby a “picky eater”? No worries, the menu is diverse and will have a little of everything they may crave. There are loads of activities for your toddlers to engage in, such as interactive games, videos, and toys.

Need a private moment to create some memories with your loved one? The childcare services offer extended hours…just ask about their offerings as they might be different on each ship.

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Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean Cruises recommends that infants be at least 6 months old in order to board a sail, while certain ships, itineraries, and tours require them to be at least 12 months old before they can be a part of the trip.

Once you are at sea for three or more consecutive days, the cruise line recommends you speak with your pediatrician as they recommend the child be at least 12 months old. The features and amenities onboard are amazing and are in line with providing not just you but your babies with a superb experience as they get a chance to explore another side of life.

The cruise line features a baby center known as Babies 2 Go, which has everything in place to accommodate your baby, so you don’t have to worry about overpacking for your cruise trip. They provide you with diapers, baby wipes, various safe baby creams, and Gerber organic food…you just have to order them in advance so they can be ready when you get onboard.

There are educational programs where you, as a parent, can engage with your babies (6 to 18 months) in developmental courses as well as participate with them as they engage with interactive toys, videos, and games.

The youth staff onboard are responsible for these services and are fully trained on how to take care of your little ones efficiently. You can access an early dining experience with your baby if you wish to avoid the crowds and then take them to the nighttime kids’ session, allowing you to have an “adult-only” experience with the nightlife entertainment provided onboard.

Best Cruise Lines with Baby packing for baby

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian requires infants to be at least 6 months at the time of sailing and at least 12 months for certain itineraries, including three or more consecutive days at sea.

The cruise line is known for diversity, so they allow travelers to create an experience like no other for every family member. The staterooms and suites are accommodating for everyone, and the luxurious services are designed to serve everyone…no matter the age group.

To make the trip more exciting, they provide the necessary tools to accommodate your babies so you can pack light without worrying about leaving any essential items.

If you require anything additional, you can order it ahead of time so it can be ready whenever you need to access it. The line has a program called Guppies Program which facilitates everything to entertain and keep a child from ages 6 months to 3 years old fully engaged in fun activities.

Their dining experiences are designed to allow your babies to nibble on their favorite serving…with high chairs provided in each venue. The cruise line also offers 24-hour room service, so you can always reach out to staff if you require anything for yourself or your little ones.

children in strollers

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruises will definitely not get left out when catering to every family member of the family…no matter how young you are. With a requirement of at least 6 months to travel, the cruise line has made it possible for families to take their toddlers onboard for cruises (with some ships and itineraries requiring children to be at least 12 months old).

With staterooms and cabins that accommodate up to five guests, you can rest assured that all family members can stay together and create the memories they had planned beforehand. The rooms are spacious for storage…in case you have to travel with a little extra for your baby.

However, with Carnival Cruises, there is no need for that, as the line provides more than enough tools and amenities to make your little ones safe and comfortable.

You can benefit from the childcare services for a small fee, or you can also access strollers and other baby items for a small fee. Childcare services are available on port days for adults who are looking to explore as much as they can but are worried about their little ones with the crowd they may come in contact with.

The care centers are fully equipped with everything to keep your little ones entertained and amused as much as you will be on your tour on shore. The staff is trained, so you know your little bundles of joy are in safe hands.

The cuisine is child-friendly, so even if you have a picky little eater, there is something on the menu for them. In addition, the dining venues are equipped with child-friendly seating, so you don’t have to keep them in your hands all the time.

For those adults looking to get a little of the nightlife experience out on the deck, you can leave your child at the Night Owls program for a fee, a service that allows your child to watch their favorite movies and tv shows, play games, listen to music, or participate in child-friendly competitions and win prizes.

Best Cruise Lines with Baby infant supplies

Additional Tips For Cruising With Babies

When you look at the best cruise lines with a baby or toddler, there are a few tips that will help to make your experience smooth and fun at the same time. Bear in mind children can get a little fussy over time, so you have to be conscious of them when planning a cruise. Here are a few tips that could help a lot:

  • Plan short trips – This will give them the experience of blending in a new environment but not getting bored with a single setting.
  • Cruise off-season – This will see fewer people around, especially in the childcare centers, as they will not be as overcrowded during the peak travel season. In addition, there are lots of perks when you travel during these times, especially discount offerings on bookings.
  • Pack essential stuff in your carry-on – On the day of embarkation, it is recommended to keep some essential items for your baby in your carry-on, such as diapers, food, pacifiers, and a change of clothing.
  • Pack baby essential supplies – Even though you can always order ahead of time the stuff you will need, it is the safest bet to have your own on hand just in case something goes wrong. Some of these items include baby food, clothes, bottles & accessories (bottle warmers, sterilizers, etc.), diapers, rash creams, oils, and any medication your baby might be on.
  • Get travel insurance – No one knows what can happen in the blink of an eye, and seeing you are in a different setting and with a child, you want to be on the safe side. You can consider getting travel insurance for emergency protection…after all, there are lots of affordable options available.

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